Taylor Swift fans have been camping outside a stadium for five months to get the best view

There’s no denying Taylor Swift has a hold on her fans.

Diehard Swifties will check every pixel of a music video to see if it has any clues or easter eggs, they’ll buy every single vinyl version of the same album just to get all the different colors; hell, they’ll even spend hours solving riddles on Google to get the names of the vault tracks from 1989.

However, the fans in Argentina are on another level.

Hundreds of supporters have started to camp outside Buenos Aires’ River Plate Stadium so they can be some of the first people inside when Taylor performs.

There’s no doubt they will be sprinting to the front of the standing section once doors open and they will be screaming their lungs out for the full three hour concert.

One 21-year-old Swiftie told Pitchfork they had already been there for five months and returns to their campsite every afternoon in between their part-time job and college classes.

They told the outlet: “I usually tell my dad I’m at a park drinking mate with somebody, or visiting a friend of mine who lives near the stadium.”

Taylor is due to perform in the huge stadium on November 9 and all those months of hard grafting will pay off for these fans.

It will kick off the South American leg of her Eras tour, which will go through Argentina and Brazil until November 26.

But this isn’t just a collection of fans who are eager to be first inside the stadium.

Pitchfork says it’s a well organized system that has a spreadsheet tracking who was there first and the subsequent arrivals.

The document claims there are dozens of people attached to each tent and the amount of time spent inside the tent will determine your likelihood on getting in first.

One fan told the outlet that they had spent a total of 300 hours in their tent.

Others try to work with friends so that there’s always someone in the tent.

Apparently, if you sleep in the tent for a whole night or during a storm then your hours get doubled and you have to log at least 60 hours per month to maintain your spot.

These Swifties aren’t mucking around.

They have a strict rule that bans people from filming them and putting the footage on social media.

The group also prevents any Swiftie under the age of 18 from joining their campsite.