A family decides to sleep downstairs as their dog, who suffered two strokes, can’t walk up the stairs.

The family couldn’t stand the idea of abandoning the dog downstairs.

Nine years ago, the Catherine Morris household in Yorkshire accepted a rescue dog named Spike into their house and have taken care of it ever since. In the beginning, Spike wasn’t allowed to go upstairs, but it soon changed as Spike had different thoughts. He was adamant about not letting his people out of sight. Catherine remarked,

“When we initially got Spike, we shut the stairway entrance and went to sleep. He moaned for a few moments before leaping over the fence in the darkness and racing into our parents’ bedroom, where he jumped right up on the mattress! Ever since then, it was his sleeping spot.

Spike adores cuddling, so when he lies in bed alongside his humans, he will attempt to force himself underneath the sheets so that he may get as near to them. But now, things have changed. Sadly, the 14-year-old dog Spike has gone through two strokes and is in bad shape now.

Spike couldn’t move for weeks after returning home after his second stroke, so the family members had to carry him around. Even after starting to walk alone again, Spike was still too feeble to climb stairs. Catherine’s family was scared that Spike might injure himself trying to climb the stairs. Therefore, the family reinstalled the stairway fence and began to sleep with Spike on the sofa to prevent him from trying his old technique of leaping over.

“Because of this new arrangement, my mother and father decided to spend alternate nights with Spike when I was away at college. Once I returned home, I became a part of the cycle,” Catherine explained.

Catherine’s father goes above and beyond to ensure that Spike is relaxed and secured throughout the nighttime. The old adage that a dog is a human’s best friend has never been more true.

She expressed herself as follows:

“They can’t live without each other.” My father refers to him as “old bean,” and the two are always conversing. My father is concerned about Spike’s condition that he brings Spike’s food and water to the sofa. And then Spike will be hand-fed to ensure that he takes his medications and maintains his vigor.”

Catherine and her family members documented Spike’s life on their Instagram account, @spikethespringer. If you visit, you will witness how much he is adored and how many individuals have been watching closely. On his page, there are photos and video clips from when Spike was smaller and more active and some updates after suffering the two strokes. You’ll surely notice that he has slowed down slightly but has not forgotten his enthusiasm for chewing toys. Undoubtedly, Spike is unconcerned with his well-being. It is only his owners, he claims, who are keeping him back.

Catherine expressed her admiration for Spike by saying,

“We adore our buddy and are grateful for his presence in our life. Fortunately, we have compensated for his rocky start in life by showing him, love.”

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