Mark Zuckerberg undergoes surgery after being injured while training for MMA fight

Mark Zuckerberg has undergone surgery after sustaining an injury during a sparring session. The Facebook co-founder – who’s been anticipated as heading into the ring against Twitter owner Elon Musk – has revealed he’s been injured while training for his MMA fight which was set to take place in 2024. Zuckerberg took to Instagram to share an update with followers. Zuckerberg has been going … Read more

Ex-NBA player Joe Smith leaves home after wife’s OnlyFans confession

Ex-NBA superstar Joe Smith has left his family home following his wife’s announcement of her OnlyFans account. The news comes from Smith’s wife of five years Kisha Chavis, who told TMZ that her husband has been ‘pretty p****** off’ with her since she let slip about the adult account. In a video that went viral, the ex-basket baller, who’d … Read more

Customer slams McDonald’s for ‘not having a single $1 item on its dollar menu’

It’s no secret that everything is getting more and more expensive, and despite being known as a budget fast food restaurant, sadly, McDonald’s is no exception. And it’s definitely not something that has gone unnoticed among customers, with one woman taking to TikTok to rage about the so-called dollar menu. Taking to the app, Anne Arroyo pointed out that, … Read more

The tribute to a selfless mother from a graduate student.

A child to be a successful businessman or a thief is probably affected by what they learn from their parents. In most cases, it’s about the teachings of a mother. The moral values taught by the mother play a huge role. A son dedicates his degree to mom, drapes his arms over her shoulders, puts … Read more