A loyal Golden Retriever who remained sniveling, searching for his dead friends.

On some occasions, friends become an inseparable part of our lives. So do animals. However, losing such a friend will be a tragedy. Here we are to find a puppy that weeps as if it were a person with the loss of his beloved pal.

We, as humans, cry and mourn for nights long, sometimes even for years, to overcome loss and sorrow. We weep and redirect our focus to something else to progress from such moods.

We don’t understand it, but animals do face the same sorrow.

So, it’s time to meet our protagonist, TRICYCLE!

He resides at Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. He is a three-legged Golden Retriever rescue dog.

This devoted dog is real proof that animals, too, have feelings. The animal sanctuary is home to various animals with unique needs, including horses, goats, farm animals, llamas, and other pets, including Tricycle.

When he lost a few animal companions, this rescued dog became noted for his human-like behavior.

It all started when Major, a rescued St. Bernard-mastiff mix, died 6-years ago.

Major was sometimes rescued, but he did have a severe condition. His former owner had caused him many back injuries and stolen his ability to walk. Yet, with no time, Major and Tricycle made themselves best buddies.

Major, sadly, passed over the rainbow bridge due to the injuries he sustained as a result of his abusive owner’s actions. Lester Aradi, the sanctuary’s owner, and his wife, Diane, buried him in a temporary grave on the property.

Tricycle, his pal, was by his side the entire time. But Lester and Diane thought things would go easy since they were animals. However, the next day they witnessed something shocking.

A tricycle was found lying near Major’s tomb.

The pair had goosebumps at sight, and they knew how badly the dog was shattered right there and then. The sorrowful dog was usually around the grave whenever he was outside. He made it a habit to stare at the tomb, not knowing what had happened.

All he knew was that his pal was there, soundly asleep.

Tricycle apparently had cried for three days.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the end. During the pandemic two years ago, Tricycle lost another companion.

Trixie, a 21-year-old alpaca who lives at the sanctuary, was the victim. The awful tragedy, just like the last time, shattered the poor dog’s heart into pieces once more.

Tricycle sat on Trixie’s grave, helpless in his despair. He stood right where he’d last seen his companion, unsure if she’d returned.

Tricycle is everyone’s friend. He made every animal on the premises to be his friend.

The place owner was always there to care for the rescued until the time arrived for their rainbow bridge crossing.

Lester stated that every animal that passed away was buried on the farm itself so that their souls would meet in peace.

Tricycle’s life story was even documented in a book.

Although he is no longer with us, he will never be forgotten.

On the burials of tiny animals like cats and dogs, they made it a tradition to place a circle of stones. To “justify the circle of life,” they’d plant fruit-bearing trees atop the larger ones.

Children who visit the preserve will be able to enjoy the fruits once the trees yield fruit. That’s an even greater way to celebrate lost animal friends.

After reading, it would feel a bit depressing. Yet, this works as a great example to prove that animals possess the same emotions as we do. Also, the story will remind us to love and even respect our animal friends.

Why just read? Watch the loyal dog in action. Go check the video below. Don’t forget your tissues if you are a real animal lover.
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