The young girl’s voice is heavenly as she performs “How Great Thou Art” at the kitchen table…

In 2017, a young, burgeoning child prodigy by the name of Liamani sang on YouTube for her followers the hymn How Great Thou Art. Since then, hundreds of positive comments and approximately 200,000 views have been accumulated for Liamani’s heavenly cover.

Liamani appears to be a typical nine-year-old girl at first impression. Even now, she is seated at the kitchen table next to her mother. Any such illusions go quickly, and she displays her genuine vocal prowess.

Liamani’s voice is quite strong and has an astonishing range as she soars and glides through the song’s notes. It is also quick to adjust tone quality to highlight key words and phrases. She has obviously put a lot of effort into honing her talent. In addition to singing the national anthem in front of her family, Liamani has also done it in front of sizable sports crowds at professional games. She even participated in GospelFest’s 2020 auditions.

However, you can tell that this song means a lot to her as she performs in front of her mother. She delivers the lines of How Great Thou Art with skill, and they play nicely. The real faith expressed during this song is further enhanced by Liamani’s mother’s adoring gaze while she sings. Fortunately, Liamani has a ton of songs on her YouTube page that showcase her amazing talents, including covers and national anthem performances.

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