After hiding his sexuality for decades, Christian LeBlanc’s “strong” husband of 29 years on “Y&R” is a “hero” to him…

Being homosexual was not as well accepted as it is now when actor Christian LeBlanc began dating his spouse Sid Montz. For years, they had to conceal their sexuality. Thankfully, those times are a distant memory. They are now able to publicly declare their love for one another.

Since his debut in 1991, Christian Leblanc has portrayed Michael Baldwin, the show’s legal eagle, for thirty years. In the movie, he played the bad guy who sought to coerce Christine Blair Romalotti, a young lawyer, into sleeping with him in return for a job at a famous legal firm.

On the program, his character had relationships with a number of women, including Christine Blair, and was married to a number of others, including Lauren Fenmore and Hilary Lancaster. Few people realized that he had to conceal his sexual orientation for many years as a result.

LeBlanc has many fights to fight, however, off-screen. Even though he was in love with his spouse, he had long struggled with his sexuality and was unable to publicly admit it.

LeBlanc eventually came out to the world in June 2021 on the “State of Mind” YouTube program presented by “General Hospital” actor Maurice Benard after years of keeping his sexuality a secret.

Many admirers were surprised and shocked by the news, and the celebrity said that after spending over three decades with his spouse, he was still unable to hug him in public since being homosexual was so taboo back then.

I didn’t even realize he was homosexual, a fan said on’s Facebook page. I’m stunned! Not because he’s homosexual, but because I didn’t know it,” a reader yelled when the article was published.

I even follow [LeBlanc] on social media, but despite all I’ve read over the years, I had no idea he was homosexual.

He spoke candidly about his past, recalling how back then, homosexual men were not taken seriously since they were seen as “ill.”

Leblanc would elaborate on that, saying: “He revealed that if you were unusual and your sentiments did not match to conventional norms, others would treat you differently, an action that would often leave one feeling like they were the odd ones.

I still don’t hold my spouse of 28 years’ hand in public because I can’t do it. I still live with the legacy of it as a homosexual guy.

Who is Sid Montz, the spouse of Christian Leblanc?

LeBlanc and his spouse Sid Montz fell in love, wed in 1993, and have been going strong for over three decades despite the prejudice towards homosexual people.

Sid is a secular Buddhist monk and art director who teaches meditation and yoga, as stated in his Instagram bio. He describes himself as a “happy vegan Buddist, of the Thich Nhat Hahn school.”

In May 2021, Sid uploaded a picture of LeBlanc along with a statement that described a meet and greet with the actor. The couple has always promoted one other’s work on social media.

Additionally, he promoted an online auction of a limited-edition, signed and numbered print of LeBlanc’s watercolor “Snowball Eater” painting.

The couple also never holds back from openly declaring their love for one another, as shown when LeBlanc used a heart emoji in a comment on Sid’s Christmas post in 2019 as a means of returning the favor.

Even though the idea of holding hands in public continues to be completely foreign to the two, they nevertheless post some adorable pictures of themselves together on social media.

The Hero of Christian Leblanc is His Wife

After Hurricane Ida destroyed their New Orleans home in August-September 2021, LeBlanc and Sid may find that fighting off disapproval of their romance is their simplest battle yet.

LeBlanc had been living in hotels, condominiums, and rental properties while shooting a soap opera, and Sid had been living in an Airstream called “Bambi” in their backyard while the construction team worked on the house.

Eight years ago, the couple bought the house, and just a few months before to the storm, they finished a multi-year makeover.

Sid, who practices yoga and is a monk, was able to remain calm and find pleasure despite the pandemonium; LeBlanc echoed this idea in an Instagram post that read: “The duo was blessed to have each other.

“Sitting among the rubble and being kind to the planet, my idol.”

LeBlanc frequently updated his followers with photos and videos after the potentially fatal incident, including one in which the couple’s dog was seen lying in the rubble and another in which Sid was seen standing on a downed tree with his dog and was captioned: “Sid on a fallen tree holding his dog.”

Storm damage to our brand-new Instagram account.

They aim to convert the carriage house into LeBlanc’s painting studio, and the stable into a yoga and meditation studio for Sid, while they continue to renovate their home, but their primary emphasis remains on the outcome.

Before the storm came, LeBlanc uploaded a picture of his spouse Sid painting a wall in their house with the remark, “Strong,” since he knows how far he and Sid have gone in their love.

The two have uploaded pictures with their animal kids on several occasions, and the family could not be sweeter. While it is unknown if the pair is parents, it is obvious from the pictures and postings on their social media that they are devoted fathers to their dogs and cats.

It has been quite the journey for the actor, and it is great to see how much more secure he is in showing his love to his partner on social media after hiding his sexuality for so many years. LeBlanc and Sid will celebrate their 30-year anniversary milestone in 2023.