There are nine instances in which Princess Charlotte and the Late Queen Elizabeth looks similar to each other… Find more photos below…

Princess Charlotte will be 7 years old in May of 2022, and she is already proving to be the most mischievous member of the royal family. Charlotte has a fiery personality, and she has a strong likeness to both her father, Prince William, and her grandmother, Princess Diana. In addition, she displays a striking resemblance to her grandmother, Princess Diana. However, since when the little princess was a newborn, admirers have been quick to point out the striking likeness that exists between her and her late great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

The similarities between Charlotte and her great-grandmother are becoming more obvious to Charlotte’s supporters as she continues to mature. More than only royal blood was passed down to Princess Charlotte from Her Majesty, as shown by the fact that she has inherited her mother’s smirks and the thoughtful expression that can be seen in her eyes.

In addition to the fact that they have very similar appearances, it would seem that Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter, Princess Charlotte, has inherited her mother’s passion for horses. Back in 2019, a source with strong ties to the royal family revealed to Closer Weekly that Charlotte had requested a pony for the holiday from her parents. Even though Prince William thought she was too young to ride, he and Kate sent their daughter a toy riding center complete with accoutrements for Christmas. If Charlotte is anything like her great-grandmother, then she will spend her whole life riding horses. This is something that we can reasonably expect from Charlotte.

Because Charlotte and Elizabeth were born just two weeks (and over nine decades!) apart, their birthdays were quite close to one another, which makes this coincidence even more endearing. When historical images of Elizabeth when Charlotte was the same age are compared, it is clear that the two women might be mistaken for sisters. We took a stroll down memory lane and gathered some old photographs of the queen when she was a kid so that we could compare the two of them side by side and see for ourselves how they differed. Let’s have a peek.

This vintage image was taken in the late 1920s, and it shows Princess Elizabeth, who was then known as Elizabeth Mountbatten, together with her mother, the Duchess of York. Later on, in order to differentiate her from her daughter’s formal title of Queen Elizabeth II, her mother would be officially referred to as Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

During their royal visit of Canada in 2016, Princess Charlotte was spotted here wearing a frock that was quite similar to one that was worn by her own mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This photograph shows Charlotte engaged in uninhibited play with a toy, smiling broadly as her natural interest is brought into focus.

A photograph of Elizabeth taken in 1928 shows her gesturing with her right hand as she is seated in a toy carriage. She was preparing for her life as the future queen of Britain from the time she was a very young child, when she was already fulfilling royal tasks in some capacity.

While Kate and William were in Canada, Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended a children’s celebration for military families. While there, Princess Charlotte had a great time playing with a balloon display. Even though she seems to have a brighter personality than Elizabeth does, it can’t be denied that the two of them have identical rosy cheeks, noses, lips, and expressive eyes.

Another breathtaking black-and-white photograph of the future queen as a little child, this one was taken in 1929 when she was only 3 years old. Even though she is dressed in her frilly outfit, the most astounding thing about the future queen is the fact that her facial characteristics have not changed at all even though she is in her nineties.

On the morning of Christmas Day in 2016, a two-year-old Charlotte was seen going to church in Bucklebury, Berkshire, while dressed in a traditional navy pea coat and sporting a gorgeous red bow in her hair. This picture reveals the more serious side of the tiny princess, despite the fact that she usually has a huge smile on her face.

Around the year 1933, this photograph depicts Princess Elizabeth having fun on the grounds of Windsor Castle. She is around seven years old at the time. She does not often allow herself to be shot in such an unposed way, but here she is having fun with a stroller.

This photograph of Princess Charlotte, which was taken in 2017 and shared in celebration of her second birthday, was taken by her mother, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. The photo was shot at the Cambridge family home in Norfolk, where she was wearing a lovely yellow knitted jumper and looking up at the camera with a curious expression.

Around the year 1931, Princess Elizabeth may be seen wearing a stylish coat while touring Edinburgh Castle with her mother. The two women are seen walking hand in hand. She appears exactly the same as she did in the 1990s, complete with the furrowed brow that has become her hallmark.

Princess Charlotte is shown in a photograph taken during her official trip to Germany in July 2017 arriving at Berlin’s Tegel Airport as her mother is seen holding her hand. She is holding a sweet small bouquet of flowers in the other hand as she waits for the rest of her family to arrive.

A youthful Queen Elizabeth II may be seen here in this picture, and she has the appearance of an angel. Even at the early age of three, her vivacious personality was already shining through, as seen by the way her blonde hair was curled in a lovely way and the bright and joyful expression on her face. Similar to how Charlotte’s personality, even at such a young age, is already displaying more of her naughty side.

The similarities that Charlotte had with her great-grandmother, who has since passed away, are becoming more obvious to Charlotte’s devoted supporters as she continues to mature. People often comment that her thoughtful eyes remind them of the queen’s thoughtful face. As Charlotte’s personality continues to mature, her feelings will undoubtedly become more obvious to everyone around her.

The Queen of England seemed to be rather perturbed in a portrait taken in 1928 that was both endearing and amusing. Maybe all she was doing was waiting for the day she would finally earn her crown and become the queen with the longest reign in the history of the United Kingdom! Who is to say what was going through her head as she was taking these priceless photographs?

According to Closer Weekly, Queen Elizabeth II, along with everyone else in the Cambridge family, had a great deal of fun seeing the little princess develop throughout the years. “Having a little girl is really precious,” Kate Middleton stated after the birth of her daughter. “I feel very, very fortunate.”

Even though Charlotte has previously shown a significant interest in horses and horseback riding, it is abundantly evident that this passion was passed down to her by none other than her great-grandmother! The queen is said to have been obsessed with ponies for as long as anybody in the royal family can remember, and she undoubtedly passed on her enthusiasm to the younger members of the family.

Charlotte is showing signs of having some naughty tendencies, much as the queen had when she was in her prime. However, her younger brother Louis’s antics may be more obvious than Charlotte’s antics. William made light of the situation by joking, “I believe she’s going to be problems when she’s older.”

Always curious, Queen Elizabeth II may be seen in this much more contemporary photograph looking out a window in Manchester during her visit to the city in March 2012 as part of her Diamond Jubilee Tour across the United Kingdom. The tour was in celebration of her 60 years as monarch of the United Kingdom. The characteristic facial features that the queen had throughout her whole life stayed precisely the same in contrast to the photographs that were taken of her when she was a little child.

Princess Charlotte, who is seen here in a girly pink outfit and wearing a frown like her great-grandmother, seems to have her great-inquisitive grandmother’s nature. During the annual Trooping the Colour event that took place in June of 2017, she was seen looking out of a window at Buckingham Palace. The occasion, which took place on the second Saturday of every June, served as the official birthday celebration for Queen Elizabeth II.