Paramedic Dad on Duty Gets Call to His Home Address, Sees His Only Son Breathless

A father’s worst nightmare came true when he was at work. The paramedic received a phone call and was confused after seeing the address—it was his home. Read the family’s heartbreaking story and discover why it has a beautiful silver lining.

Men and women working as emergency response personnel never imagine rushing to a scene and finding a loved one needing urgent care.

Sadly, it was the reality for one dad from Queensland, Australia. An ordinary day on the job quickly became a horrific experience he thought was impossible.


Paramedic Troy Heise was working the night shift in July 2022. He was equipped to rescue and save lives in danger during the routine evening.

Troy couldn’t contain his emotions, and no one could blame him after the horrific ordeal he experienced.

His wife, Sarah, was at home and checked on her 12-year-old son Flynn after he had been in the shower for a long time. She tried to get his attention but needed to unlock the door from the outside.


Once inside the bathroom, she saw something traumatizing and immediately called triple zero, Australia’s emergency number. Sarah told an operator that her son wasn’t breathing due to an incident that happened while he was showering.

Flynn was unresponsive, and the mother knew she needed to get help before it was too late. Unbeknownst to Sarah, her emergency call was directed to someone she knew well—her husband.

Troy was shocked when he realized there was an emergency at his home. He said:

“In the back of your mind, your brain’s going, this isn’t real, this isn’t real. That can’t be my house. Why would something bad happen at my house?”


The dad, panicking, sped to the scene and tried his best to deal with what he saw, but fear left him paralyzed. He shared:

“When it’s your own son, you’re emotionally attached, you’re scared, you’re angry, you’re worried … I couldn’t perform.”

His efforts at resuscitating his son weren’t going smoothly, so his colleague decided to take over. After 30 painful minutes of worry and emotional anguish, Troy feared the worst.


His 15 years of paramedic experience alerted him to the reality that Flynn might be gone forever. However, the dad felt a hand on his arm. It was his colleague. They managed to find a pulse, and Flynn was taken to the hospital.

His mom, dad, and sister, Morgan, used the moments to say goodbye while they hoped for a miracle. The family knew his survival chances were slim, but they held onto a glimmer of hope.


Tragically, Flynn passed away after three days, and the family was unexpectedly confronted with an important question. The hospital staff wanted to know if they considered donating Flynn’s organs.

The family had never discussed organ donation and didn’t know how Flynn felt about it. However, he had multiple usable organs that could save many lives, and his sister Morgan had strong opinions about the issue. She shared:

“I remember sitting there and saying to mum, just imagine that family, imagine that call, ‘he’s going to get another 10 years’ or ‘she’ll be able to go to formal.’”


The family was devastated after losing their beloved Flynn, but they chose to donate his organs and allowed him to live on through others.

While they lost him, other parents and siblings gained more time with a loved one. Morgan added:

“He is a superman saving lives.”


Troy couldn’t contain his emotions, and no one could blame him after the horrific ordeal he experienced. However, he was grateful for the silver lining that organ donation offered.

They had a chance to help other families, and Troy was proud that his son’s life could do that. The dad stated:

“My boy saved lives, and although he’s not here, he is here. I’m just a proud dad. Even though my son didn’t make it, [another] family would be cheering and happy that their loved one is going to make it.”

Flynn’s parents were selfless, and because they chose to donate their son’s organs, many other lives were saved. Thanks to him, people would hear the laughter of their family members for years to come.

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