“I can’t keep hoping”… Farmer Paige quits right before the show’s conclusion, Farmer wants a wife plays — for real this time…

Farmer Paige quit Farmer Wants A Wife one episode before the finale, disappointing viewers.
Paige didn’t feel a love connection with Cody or Ayden towards the conclusion of the farm stays, and Cody’s hesitance left her apprehensive.

After their overnight date, she said, “He continues stating he doesn’t want to lead anybody on and he doesn’t want simply a physical connection.”

“I wonder if he lets go of that and simply hangs on to the emotional connection, whether he’ll let anything bloom.”

Farmer Will encouraged Cody to open up, but Paige couldn’t see how far the other farmers had gone with their pairings.

She decided neither Cody nor Ayden were “The One” and left the program.

“I believe we may not be fit for one other, and the person you want to return to your farm and start a family is not me,” she informed Ayden. “I’m not searching for you.”

After that, Paige was forced to confront Cody and tell him that she would not allow him to make her feel as if she was not “enough” for him.

“I know that’s not what you’re saying, but that’s how I felt when you kissed me and then backed off,” she said.
“I genuinely was hoping that this was going someplace, but I can’t keep hoping and doubting my own self-worth,” she said. “It’s not healthy for either of us.”

Despite the fact that fans at home were devastated that Paige had not found love on the program, she said that the fact that she would be leaving the show unmarried despite her best attempts was “empowering.”

She remarked, “Saying goodbye to Cody was liberating because it allowed me to choose who I want to be.”
“I came here hoping for love, and although I haven’t found that with someone, I have discovered a new love for myself, and that is great,” she said.

As a result of the unexpected elimination of Paige on Tuesday night, there will only be three farmers going into the finals on Monday. This follows the unexpected elimination of Benjamin earlier this week.

He said that he “had to jump ship” in order to be at his grandma’s side after receiving disheartening news about his grandma’s health and leaving the program.