A dog provides his owner with the silent treat right after a visit to the doggy dentist… Watch this funny video below…

Going to the dentist is a chore that nobody looks forward to. That is correct for canines as well. It’s not even close to being as interesting as going to a burger joint or a park with dogs would be.

As a direct consequence of this, Fritz’s mother, Bret Mortimer, does not divulge the location of their destination to her son when she is driving him to his dental appointment. Imagine his shock when he walks into the office of the doctor and discovers that it is not his regular veterinarian.

What a plan to deceive!

Even though it was difficult, Fritz’s mother insisted that he get his teeth cleaned because she knows how important it is for dogs to have proper dental care. This will maintain the health of his teeth and gums and protect him from disease. As a direct consequence of it, Fritz will have the opportunity to enjoy a full and fruitful life for a very long time.

On the other side, Fritz does not share such a perspective at all.

After Fritz’s appointment, Bret picks up an aggravated version of him. He doesn’t even look at his mother, which is a clear indication that he was dreading his trip to the dentist. He does this by looking straight ahead to communicate to her that he is not paying attention to what she is saying.

We absolutely admire Fritz in spite of all of his attitude. So amusing!

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