Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler discuss their favorite “Saturday Night Live” moment, saying that they were “laughing so hard that their wigs came off”…

Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph have been friends for almost 21 years, during which time they have been quite familiar with one another, even down to the minute details in which they share similarities.

Poehler, 51, who is co-hosting the second season of Peacock’s reality baking series Baking It with Rudolph, sayss in this week’s issue that one of the things that she and Rudolph agree on the most is that “whenever we get a cupcake, we peel that icing right off.”

Rudolph, 50, adds: “Yes! I’m not much of a fan of icing. And if I have an Oreo, I will just have the cookie portion of it. I remove the content from the portion in the center.”

Baking It is a competition show hosted by Food Network in which talented teams of home bakers gather in a winter cabin to compete in a series of themed challenges for the chance to win a cash prize of $50,000. Despite their different tastes in sweets, their longtime friends are having a great time watching the show.

Poehler claims that there is twice as much violence in this season. “I mean, it’s the same happy-go-lucky program, but we actually blow stuff up, and that’s not a joke!”

Rudolph shares that the group “felt it would be great to be our actual selves – hilarious, wacky, and warm.”

“And the concept that these two mothers would host an action-packed baking program had us in fits of laughter!”

Since Poehler’s casting on Saturday Night Live in 2002, one year after Rudolph’s first appearance on the show, the two have had many a good chuckle together.

Rudolph remembers that when Amy entered the room, it was much like the moment in Grease when the Pink Ladies arrived at school. “She was a really popular comedian, and all of the writers were like, ‘Amy, tell us everything!’”

Says Poehler: “The first thing that sprang to me when I thought of Maya was that she would be perfect for Saturday Night Live. I continue to have the belief that Maya is the one person who can accomplish all that has to be done on this show better than anybody else.”

Both of them had a favorite skit from 2004, and they agree on which one it was.

Rudolph, who portrayed the role of Diana Ross in the sketch, said that one of her favorite things that she and Amy have ever done is a project called the Trainwreck Awards. “Anna Nicole Smith was posing as [Amy]. It was about prize events and how things can go horribly wrong at them.”

She continues by saying that you can tell how hard we were laughing because our wigs fell off and people were nose-blowing into their microphones. “You can tell we were laughing so hard because our wigs came off.” “That was the beginning of us realizing that you can have a ball doing the show and laugh while you’re doing it!” “That was the start of us realizing that you can have fun performing the program!”

The second season of Baking Peacock is currently streaming it, and fresh episodes will be available on that platform every Monday.

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