Brandon Barash, star of the soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” has just got married. BTW the wedding was inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby’… See more pics below…

The Great Gatsby served as the inspiration for the marriage ceremony that took place on December 17 at the North Ranch Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California, which was attended by the Days of Our Lives actor and his fiancée Isabella Devoto.

“This is something that I always stress to Isa. Even though it’s a cliché, I really do feel like the luckiest guy on the face of the earth “Barash, 43.

During the wedding ceremony that was organized by Tori Aronow and Kelsi Barbata of Tessa Lyn Events, Barash’s daughter Harper Rose, who is eight years old and is the product of a prior marriage, performed the duties of both a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid.

After the pair said their “I dos,” they started off the cocktail hour with specialty cocktails such as Barash’s go-to drink, a Manhattan, and Devoto’s go-to drink, a negroni. Both of these beverages were favorites of the bride and groom. Following the reception, 145 guests were seated for dinner, which included a merlot poached pear salad, chicken in a champagne and mushroom sauce, grilled fish in a basil beurre blanc sauce, and butternut squash ravioli.

After the couples had their first dance to Ray la Montagne’s “Born to Love You,” they sliced into their four-tier cake, which contained alternating layers of lemon curd and vanilla buttercream and triple chocolate with ganache. The song was played during the couples’ first dance.

Before his big day, the moment he was most looking forward to was when he would say “I do” to his future wife.

He adds, “Just saying our vows and making that declaration in front of everyone, that’s truly what’s significant to me.” “Just saying our vows and making that proclamation in front of everybody.” “There is no doubt that the party will be enjoyable, and we are going to have a wonderful time eating, drinking, and dancing the night away at the event. But it’s stepping up in front of everyone I love, including the lady I love, and saying, “Hey, I have your back for life.” That’s what it is for me.”

When Barash and Devoto first crossed paths, she was serving as a teacher at the institution where his daughter was enrolled.

Barash’s statement on his daughter’s role in the relationship is, “I credit her with the entire relationship.” “We both sort of do it. Before we did, they were involved in a relationship. And it was really hilarious because she was simply trying to set people up with each other, despite the fact that she had actually never been like that with anybody else.”

“I was a single parent for a time, and there was something about Isa that Harper simply felt connected to,” he explains. “Isa was the only mother Harper had ever known.” “And for a very long time, people would say things to Daddy like, “Hey, you and Isa, you sort of would be nice together.” I informed her, “You’re five years old.” How are you able to understand what it means? What on earth does it even suggest? Are you two good together? And each time, she would respond by saying something along the lines of, “Well, you guys just look like you would be very nice together as boyfriend and girlfriend.”

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