A women found a way how to encourage all women to learn car-repairing…

For many women, purchasing a car and driving it to the mechanic for repairs and upkeep can be a nightmare.

Unfortunately, many of them don’t receive the same respect as men, which continues to enrage women all over the world. There simply isn’t much out there that they can rely on to allay their worries, and they feel misunderstood and exploited.

This regrettable fact spurred materials engineer and mechanic Patrice Banks to establish the “Girls Auto Clinic,” or GAC, a women’s-only auto shop in Philadelphia.

In order to alter the discourse surrounding women and their vehicles, Banks established GAC in 2015. The objective is to empower women and provide them the skills necessary to manage their own cars so they can become self-assured “sheCANics.”

Banks stated, “I was worried I would be taken advantage of. “I was sick of having to go talk to a male and feeling useless.”

Additionally, Banks wants to see more women working in the predominately male automotive sector.

At the age of 31, Banks enrolled in technical school’s night programs. She was the lone lady in the class and around 12 years older than the typical student.

She ultimately resigned from her position as a materials engineer and began working as an apprentice in garages all over Philadelphia. She eventually acquired the skills and experience necessary to launch GAC in 2015.

GAC employs only females because it is entirely owned and run by women. The company provides a location where ladies can service their cars without the stress that is usually associated with it.

The goal of every GAC mechanic is to provide women with the automotive experience they deserve and the knowledge they need to take care of their vehicles.

“People are entering with that guard up, especially ladies. You need to down your guard in order to earn their trust, according to Banks.

“Mechanics make a lot of diagnoses based on what they hear, see, feel, and smell. You can sense it if we can see, feel, hear, and smell it. So that you may feel secure and understand what’s happening with [your] car, I’ll demonstrate what I’m looking for and sensing. It only concerns openness and communication.

Banks acknowledges that she used to be a “auto airhead,” or someone who has no knowledge of automobiles. However, she understood that women are the most significant group of vehicle customers when she learned that they spend billions of dollars annually on purchasing and maintaining automobiles. As a result, she created a business strategy to meet a need for numerous female drivers.

When Banks added a beauty salon to GAC, it expanded beyond being just an auto dealership for women. While waiting for their cars to be serviced, women can indulge here.

They can choose to get a blow-dry, a pedicure, or even a manicure! Customers who visit the “Clutch Beauty Bar” receive services that are exceptional and difficult to find elsewhere.

GAC’s purpose is to teach women about automobiles, which they accomplish by offering vehicle care memberships, videos, workshops, and a welcoming Shecanic Facebook community where members can ask mechanics questions about cars.

Banks also authored a book for ladies called “The Glove Box Guide” to help them maintain their automobiles.

Patrice Banks deserves praise for redefining the rules and upending the automobile sector. We appreciate you helping to inspire others and encouraging women via your cars.

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