The young ballerina created an original dance called “Spider”, which amazed the audience…

Have you ever heard the term “human pretzel” applied to someone? Milena Sidorova, 13, is deserving of the title if anyone ever was. With a dance she called the “Spider,” this teen recently stunned an audience to the fullest. This young girl not only completed the performance alone, but she also came up with the idea and choreographed it.

We’re astonished by the display and unsure how Milena’s joints will hold up, but we’re also a little uneasy. If you’re afraid of spiders, you should probably skip this video!

Milena has experience dancing. She explains that dancing has always been a part of her life and that she was born in Kiev, Ukraine. If she weren’t able to dance, she can’t even begin to picture what life would be like! Milena began dancing when she was just 3 years old, and she still recalls some of her very first stage appearances. This child hails from a family of artists, and Milena’s mother helped Milena get her start in theater.

The effort Milena put in rapidly paid off. She had already enrolled in the Ballet Academy by the time she was 7 years old and had joined the Kiev Choreographic Institute two years later. Later, she was awarded a scholarship to study at the Royal Ballet School and was given a contract with the Dutch National Ballet. The “Spider” performance has brought her the most acclaim during her career as a dancer. The dance has 13 million views on YouTube already since it was uploaded. Due of its popularity, Milena has included extra information about the routine on a section of her website.

The young dancer said that she has always found spiders to be fascinating and that she finds them to be graceful. Her mother advised her to incorporate her new dancing moves into a routine once she started attempting to copy them. Milena claims that the dance, despite being her favorite, is difficult since it calls for a lot of flexibility. When she learns that other dancers want to copy her, she embraces them but cautions them against overworking their bodies.

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