Everyone started crying after Keith Urban’s touching communication with a child with special needs during his concert…

Keith Urban is a legend in his own right as a country music performer. Since his early 1990s arrival in Nashville, Tennessee, New Zealand-born Urban has been making ripples on a global scale. He is well-liked for his music, but he has also demonstrated that he is a kind, generous, and upbeat individual who always seems to have a happy outlook, which has greatly increased his popularity with his fans.

As well as having a successful music career, Urban is married to renowned Australian actress Nicole Kidman, making them one of the most well-liked Australian couples in Hollywood.

For the previous two years, a lot of live music concerts have been cancelled because of the pandemic. As health rules continue to loosen, musicians and artists like Urban have started traveling the globe once more.

Urban began touring the United States in May 2022 as part of his “The Speed of Now” World Tour, which concluded on November 4, 2022, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Among the incredible experiences Urban has shared with his fans during his tour, one interaction seemed to stand out above the rest, bringing tears to everyone’s eyes online due to the heartwarming event.

Urban undoubtedly has a large following, but given that he first gained notoriety in the early 1990s, one may predict that he would be more popular with the older generation. Unexpectedly, Urban also met a fan at one of his gigs in the United States who was a little child with special needs.

Being a real guy, Urban took the time to stop what he was doing, walk over to his supporters in front of the stage, and talk to them. Little did Urban know, however, that what would follow would have everyone in the stadium (and online) in tears of delight.

Urban was born in New Zealand on October 26, 1967, and raised in Queensland, Australia. He is well renowned for his distinctive voice, compositional ability, and flawless guitar playing. In 1991, Urban published his self-titled debut album; the following year, he relocated to the United States and started to establish himself in the country music scene. “You’ll Think of Me,” “You Look Good in My Shirt,” and “Sweet Thing” are some of his best-known tracks.

Urban had a difficult upbringing, especially because his father never made him feel loved. The musician eventually got over that and worked to fulfill his childhood dream of being the parent he never had. He is fortunate to share his children with actress Kidman from “Days of Thunder” as his life partner.

The two fell in love at G’Day LA, a celebration of Australians residing in Los Angeles. A few years after Kidman and her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, divorced, they started dating. Urban and Kidman got hitched in Sydney, Australia, where they now call home.

Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, who were born in 2008 and 2010, respectively, are Urban’s two lovely children. Urban has frequently expressed his love for his two children, emphasizing how proud he is to be their father and the experience of watching them develop.

The Grammy-winning singer’s dedication to parenting has undoubtedly encouraged him to engage with his audience during one of his American shows.

Speaking with a couple in front of the stage, Urban was introduced to their kid Kellen, who subsequently learned that they were celebrating a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Chris and Whitney Hammock, who are both from Illinois, met Urban and introduced him to Kellen, their 6-year-old son with special needs. After learning their names, Urban went out to the child Kellen’s guitar, which appeared to be made of cardboard. Chris, the dad, then began to spell Kellen’s name to the singer as he continued to sign the blinged-up improvised guitar.

After a short while, Urban allowed Chris to speak, but only to share with the audience something very special:

Before the entire Peoria Civic Center in Illinois broke out in “awws” and applauses, Chris stated, “They thought he would never walk or talk and now he knows all of your songs.”

Urban reached out and hugged Kellen after being moved by what the young child had through, which prompted more applause from everyone.

The child’s mother, Whitney, has now posted the video online with the remark, “Memories that will last a lifetime.” The emotional clip eventually went viral and brought tears to the eyes of all viewers.

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