Vikings True Story: How The Real Ragnar Lothbrok Died

This makes Ragnar Lothbrok’s death a source of mystery. Vikings took many details from the legends. The Ragnar Lothbrok death scene happened in season 4’s episode “All His Angels.” After torturing him and cutting a cross into his head, King Aelle threw him into a pit of snakes. According to the legend of the real Ragnar death, he died as in the series. However, the interesting thing is that Ragnar’s existence is unclear, and the Viking warrior everyone knows might be a combination of different real-life figures.

Ragnar’s Real-Life History Is Shrouded In Mystery

There’s Little-To-No Confirmed Information About The Real Ragnar Lothbrok

The figure of Ragnar Lothbrok is believed to have been based on three different men: Viking leader Reginherus, King Horik I of Denmark (who appears in the series), and King Reginfrid. The accuracy of the Ragnar Lothbrok death scene becomes difficult when considered in light of these different stories. Reginherus was killed. King Horik I, along with other kings, was killed in a battle with the forces of his exiled brother, Guttorm, who returned to claim the kingdom. King Reginfrid was killed in an attempted invasion.

When bringing the Ragnar Lothbrok death story to TV, having him die in a pit of snakes as he did in the legend makes for a more dramatic story than dying in battle or during an invasion. Understandably, creator Michael Hirst and company have taken many creative liberties, as there’s not enough material to work with. Ragnar’s case is a special one, as everything about him is mere speculation and legend, but at least the most interesting and dramatic version of his death made it to the series.

Vikings: Valhalla Shows That Ragnar Was A Legend After His Death

The Legend Of Ragnar Lives On A Century Later

Vikings: Valhalla is set a little over 100 years following the events of Vikings and follows the adventures of Leif Erikson. So, while the Ragnar Lothbrok death scene took place long before the events of the new show, he’s still an important character a century later. Throughout Valhalla, Ragnar is mentioned frequently alongside his legends and exploits. After all, the legacy of Ragnar Lothbrok shaped Viking culture for centuries, and the details of his life have been all but lost from history.

The children in Valhalla were probably told grandiose stories about Lothbrok and his adventures as a famous Viking, and his presence certainly isn’t forgotten on the spinoff show. So, despite (and perhaps directly resulting from) Ragnar Lothbrok’s season 4 Vikings death, the character lives on in legend through the spinoff, Vikings: Valhalla. If nothing else, this shows that Vikings‘ Ragnar Lothbrok death is as responsible as his life for maintaining his place in history.

How The Ragnar Lothbrok Death Compares To Other Vikings’ Deaths

Ragnar’s Death Was Still One Of The Most Accurate In Vikings

Travis Fimmel leaving Vikings in season 4 and the Ragnar Lothbrok death sequence proves the series isn’t immune to killing off major characters. Most of the main characters in Vikings died, with the sixth and final season seeing the most major character deaths. Some of these deaths were in line with historical accounts, while others were not. Lagetha dies in Vikings season 6 after Hvitsterk hallucinates she is a serpent and stabs her. Lagertha’s character is only mentioned in Saxo’s Gesta Danorum, so it isn’t known how she died.

Ragnar dies in season 4 of Vikings, and his son, Björn Ironside, dies two seasons later. Björn’s death wasn’t recorded in history. Therefore, the treachery of being stabbed by his brother Ivar is a more dramatic interpretation. Ivar the Boneless dies in battle during season 6, stabbed repeatedly with a dagger. Historical accounts differ on his demise, much like many of Vikings‘ main character deaths. Some sources report that he died of an illness. However, a mass grave in England suggests this is one death Vikings got right.