7 Tolkien Events Teased By LOTR: The Rings Of Power Season 2’s Trailer

The trailer for The Rings of Power season 2 is full of dark foreboding, as Sauron’s influence in Middle-earth is finally beginning to take hold. In season 1, no one took Galadriel’s claims that Morgoth’s servant was still at large, but it appears that all this will change in the coming episodes. There are hints at destruction, war, coups, cunning evil, and the forging of more powerful rings spattered throughout Rings of Power season 2’s teaser trailer, all of which find their foundation in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books.

The Balrog’s Destruction In Khazad-dûm

The Rings Of Power Trailer Sees The Bridge Of Khazad-dûm Crumble

The Balrog that would one day engage in a deadly battle with Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings was already teased in The Rings of Power season 1 since it was seen roaring in fury beneath the unsuspecting Dwarves of Khazad-dûm. From the primary story of Lord of the Rings, we know that this Balrog is destined to destroy the city and its king, subsequently becoming known as “Durin’sBane.” It would be assumed that this wouldn’t happen in Prime Video’s series for a while, but the Rings of Power season 2 trailer hints otherwise.

The massive bridge in Khazad-dûm was seen crumbling in the Rings of Power season 2 trailer, and, combined with Durin’s voiceover saying that a dark and ancient evil had returned, this seems to indicate that the Balrog’s destruction will begin sooner rather than later. Of course, it’s possible that the bridge falling to pieces is the result of the Balrog’s movements shaking the cave, and the Dwarves may not have yet uncovered it. Still, it certainly seems that this canon event is on the way.

The Creation Of The Rings Of Power

The Rings Of Power Season 2 Trailer May Have Given The First Glimpse At Sauron’s 16 Other Rings

The titular Rings of Power will obviously be a key feature of the Prime Video series, so it was a bit of a surprise that they weren’t forged in season 1. Though Celebrimbor did make the Three Elven Rings without Sauron’s knowledge, the Nine for Men and Seven for Dwarves weren’t yet a thought, which was strange since these were made before the Three in Tolkien canon. However, the trailer for Rings of Power season 2 has given audiences a quick glimpse of what could be these 16 additional Rings of Power.

Though this is, of course, a canon event, the fact that Celebrimbor appears to be in duress and attempts to destroy the Rings differs from Tolkien’s version of the story.

During a short clip in the Rings of Power season 2 trailer, a bedraggled Celebrimbor is seen tossing a handful of rings into a fire. Later, he is standing near his forge with Sauron, who is in his fair-form Annatar, so it certainly seems as if the pair have begun their journey together to create the Rings of Power. Though this is, of course, a canon event, the fact that Celebrimbor appears to be in duress and attempts to destroy the Rings differs from Tolkien’s version of the story.

Durin III Obtaining One Of The Seven Rings

King Durin III May Be A Recipient Of A Ring Of Power

There’s further evidence in the Rings of Power season 2 trailer that Sauron and Celebrimbor will create the remaining 16 Rings of Power since King Durin III (Prince Durin’s father) is seen holding a beautiful jeweled ring in a brief clip. Sauron gave each of the Seven to seven Dwarf kings and lords, but Tolkien’s books never specifically named those who received them. Still, it’s difficult to imagine that King Durin could be holding just any ring, so we can safely assume he will be among the Dark Lord’s recipients in The Rings of Power season 2.

It seems likely that, under the influence of Sauron’s gift, King Durin will change his tune about mining Mithril. His son, Prince Durin, had been eager to obtain more of the rare ore, but the King had refused, even going as far as to disown his son over the argument. However, with Sauron likely hoping to get his hands on more Mithril, King Durin’s Ring may influence him to greedily tear the Earth apart to mine the stuff. Though Tolkien never indicated that a Ring of Power was the reason the Balrog was released, it would be a sensible change on Prime Video’s part.

Sauron Constructing Barad-dûr In Mordor

The Tower At The End Of The Rings Of Power S2 Trailer Could Be Barad-dûr

The end of The Rings of Power season 1 saw Halbrand, who was just revealed to be Sauron, approaching the newly erupted Mount Doom in Mordor. Since this would become the Dark Lord’s base of operations, this was a significant way to end the first installment of the series, but the trailer for season 2 has teased an even more important moment. In his Annatar form, Sauron is seen smirking while surrounded by guards, and when he turns his hands outward, a burst of magic erupts around him, sending a wave throughout the land. What’s left is the start of a somewhat familiar tower.

Sauron’s tower in Mordor, Barad-dûr, is a frequent feature in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, where it is topped with a flaming eye. What can be assumed is Prime Video’s version looks similar, though sans eye (as it is in Tolkien canon). In The Silmarillion, it’s noted that Sauron created Barad-dûr using his One Ring, which is absent from his finger during this clip in the Rings of Power trailer. So, though season 2 includes the canon event, it seems that audiences can expect some changes.

Pharazôn Taking Over Numenor

Pharazôn Draws A Sword In The Rings Of Power Trailer, Perhaps Preparing To Take Control

The Rings of Power season 1 spent some time setting up the disaster that Numenor is destined to face, and the trailer for season 2 indicates that this will continue. In the previous installment of the Prime Video series, Pharazôn was a charismatic political leader who was still loyal (more or less) to Queen Miriel. However, Tolkien’s canon dictates that he will lead a coup, claim the crown for himself, and lead his people to doom in an attack against Valinor. As punishment, the Valar will send a great wave to destroy the island kingdom of Numenor forever.

Since the Eagles are loyal messengers of the Valar, who kept an eye on Numenor during the Second Age, this indicates the beginning stages of a conflict between the demi-gods of The Lord of the Rings and the High Men of the island kingdom.

Rings of Power season 1 set the groundwork for this, and the trailer for season 2 sees Pharazôn take a more aggressive approach than had been previously seen. In the clip, the Numenorian politician draws his sword as if preparing to fight. However, as he does this, a Great Eagle lands behind him. Since the Eagles are loyal messengers of the Valar, who kept an eye on Numenor during the Second Age, this indicates the beginning stages of a conflict between the demi-gods of The Lord of the Rings and the High Men of the island kingdom.

Sauron’s Attack On Eregion

Rings Of Power Season 2 Will Feature Another Exciting Lord Of The Rings Battle

The Lord of the Rings is known for its epic battles, and it looks as if The Rings of Power season 2 will follow through on this. In the trailer, Adar and an army of orcs are seen laying siege to a city that appears to have Elvish architecture. Based on the canon events of the Second Age, it can be assumed that this city is Eregion, and this makes sense for season 2 since the downfall of this Elvish kingdom sets off a grand series of events and jumpstart Sauron’s war in Middle-earth.

There are a few interesting things to note about this clip in the Rings of Power season 2 trailer. First, Adar is leading this attack, which is strange since he had stated in season 1 that he hated Sauron. This indicates that these two either worked out their differences and teamed up or that the attack on Eregion will be different in Rings of Power than in Tolkien canon, where Sauron was the known enemy. Then, the fact that Elrond is seen in full armor with an army is noteworthy as well since this elf is destined to establish Rivendell after he and his men fail to save Eregion from collapse.

The Creation Of The One Ring To Rule Them All

There Are Hints Throughout The Rings Of Power Season 2 Trailer That Sauron Has Created His One Ring

Sauron is never shown with the One Ring in the Rings of Power season 2 trailer, but the full teaser still hints that the Dark Lord will create the weapon in the upcoming episodes. The biggest sign is the existence of the other Rings of Power, such as the one King Durin III holds. Without the One Ring, these weapons are pretty useless to Sauron. Additionally, the reveal of Barad-dur, which Sauron created using the One Ring in Tolkien canon, provides further clues about the powerful trinket’s creation. The final hint that Sauron will create his One Ring in season 2 is the final title screen seen in the trailer.

After the supposed Barad-dûr is revealed, the camera backs through the “o” of the words “Rings of Power” that appear on the screen. The golden letter has been designed to look like the familiar Ring from The Lord of the Rings, and this is undoubtedly meant to get audiences pumped up for the creation of the franchise’s most iconic weapon. Of course, it’s always possible that the Ring will remain hidden for the duration of the Rings of Power season 2, only to be revealed in the future. Regardless, its power is sure to resonate through the episodes.