This is the heartwarming moment when a young autistic boy started singing out of the blue and shocked people with his amazing voice

Calum Courtney, 10, captivated supermarket onlookers with his faultless version of Smokey Robinson’s “Who’s Lovin’ You?” The youngster has autism, which motivates him to sing and serve others.

His performance piqued the interest of a music producer and songwriter who wants to collaborate with him on a charity track in the new year.

Calum’s mother, Tupney Courtney, said her son is constantly singing around the house and enjoys performing in public. The video of his performance in the Asian supermarket was meant to be seen just by his father, but it became viral after his aunt shared it on social media.

Calum was taken aback when he viewed the footage. “He didn’t realize how amazing he was until he viewed the video, and he remarked, “Mum, I’m actually pretty good,” Tupney added.

“Calum has high-functioning autism,” she continues. “For Calum, this entails blurred social boundaries, scholastic issues, and friendship difficulties, but it also means he has no fear of getting up and belting out a song.”

Calum has even performed on stage at local organizations that promote autism research.

Watch and share the video below of Calum singing the Smokey Robinson classic with your friends!

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