After 20 years of irregular dating, Angie Dickinson almost wed Frank Sinatra, but she married a guy who “never loved her.”

Angie Dickinson and Frank Sinatra were romantically linked for about twenty years, and they came quite close to being married during that time. She did end up marrying someone else, but their union was fraught with difficulties.

Angie Dickinson has been quoted as saying in the past that she and the actor and musician Frank Sinatra were in a serious relationship. The couple’s relationship lurched from one phase to the next over the course of many years, but it never made any significant headway.

The actress decided to go with a substitute that did not have Sinatra’s level of fame and notoriety. Despite the fact that Dickinson wed the composer, she later claimed that he was never actually in love with her.

Angie Brown was born in the month of September 1931 in the town of Kulm, North Dakota. She was able to be exposed to and watch movies throughout her childhood since her father worked as a projectionist, which allowed free entrance.

She had a passion for film, but she ended up working in the secretarial field since she needed to support her family after moving to California with them. In addition, the famous person competed in beauty pageants, which paved the way for her to be cast in an episode of “The Colgate Comedy Hour.”

The moment Angie saw Jimmy Durante and Frank Sinatra perform together for the first time, she knew that the entertainment industry was the sector in which she wanted to work. After then, she became a familiar face on western television with a number of guest starring roles. In 1959, she appeared in the film “Rio Bravo” with John Wayne, who had been her childhood hero.

The actress earned both self-assurance and a new professional path when she was offered the chance to play in the television series “Police Woman” for a total of four seasons starting in 1974. She became a sex symbol in Hollywood because to her role as Sgt. Pepper Anderson, who was known for wearing go-go clothes and skirts with slits in them.

By the time 1962 rolled around, Angie was already the proud recipient of Hollywood’s Golden Garter Award. At that point in time, she had already been through the experience of her first marriage to Gene Dickinson and the subsequent dissolution of that marriage. While they were both students at Glendale College, she made the acquaintance of the tall and handsome guy.

Gene made the decision to pursue a career in accounting despite the fact that he had a passion for electronics and had played football in college. The year 1952 marked the beginning of the couple’s marriage, which would go on to survive for a total of five years until ending in divorce in the year 1960.

Angie, who was 83 years old at the time, attended an event that was sponsored by Citi credit cards in 2015. During the event, the actress discussed her connection with Sinatra in an open and honest manner, referring to it as a “20-year, on-and-off” one.

She said that the two of them started dating after she appeared on the “Colgate Comedy Hour” in 1953. Sinatra’s bodyguard told her that Sinatra wanted to see her in his dressing room. This information was given to her by the bodyguard.

When Angie finally saw the musician after he’d asked to see her, he immediately asked her whether she had a boyfriend. She confirmed that she was, but he insisted on collecting her contact information nevertheless, so the actress gave it to him.

The actress admired Frank Sinatra’s voice and referred to him as “one of the most interesting individuals there ever was.” In the 1960 production of “Ocean’s 11,” in which they both had starring roles, Angie portrayed the role of his wife.

In 2019, Angie shocked viewers of “CBS Sunday Morning” with a surprising disclosure regarding her relationship with Frank Sinatra. During that interview, she revealed that the two of them had a passionate affair, and she went on to say that following the production of the film, they came “very near to being married in 1964.”

“And to be honest, I wasn’t all that keen on the idea of being married to him. Because of this, I didn’t want him to make a proposal to me. I couldn’t say no to Frank Sinatra, so I did!”

Since Sinatra never intended to wed an actress, he had no interest in getting married to Angie, and she didn’t think it was odd or strange that he felt this way. Dickinson did not gain very much from her husband’s late-night routines, and she had little desire to participate in them.

Instead, in 1965, the actress tied the knot with the well-known musician Burt Bacharach. Together, they had a daughter who they called Lea Nikki Bacharach; regrettably, Lea Nikki Bacharach died away in 2007 at the age of 40. In 1976, the singer and Angie made the decision to go their own ways for a period of five years due to discontent in their marriage.

Burt moved his family onto their beach property in Del Mar, California, while he continued to make use of their mansion in Beverly Hills. Angie continued to think of them as a married pair despite the fact that both the actress and her husband were involved in other relationships at the same time.

As a consequence of the artist behind “What the World Needs Now” allegedly straying on his wife, the couple decided to end their marriage and get a divorce. In 2019, the actress revealed the reason for the breakup of her marriage to the composer, which occurred back in 1981:

“I can tell you right now that he has never loved me in a genuine way,” the woman said. He showed his affection in a way that was inappropriate. As a direct consequence of this, he no longer respected me.

It’s been said that Angie carried on an affair with John F. Kennedy when he was president. Even though the actress said that she thought President Kennedy was wonderful and that she was ecstatic to be connected with him, not all of the allegations against her were completely without merit.

An actress by the name of Angie Dickonson said that she was free to leave the house whenever the mood struck her.

Angie is described as claiming that having sex with Kennedy was “the most thrilling seven minutes of my life” in the recently released book “Jack and Jackie: Portrait of an American Marriage” written by Christopher Andersen.

She had a conversation with attorney Edward Bennett Williams at one point, and he gave her the advice that bringing a lawsuit would just serve to spread the accusations more. She vehemently denied the charges, claiming that there was no evidence to support them and that she had never dated the alleged perpetrator.

She was adamant in her denial that he had ever made a sexual advance toward her. She co-starred alongside Ronald Reagan, who would go on to become president, in the film “The Killers” in 1964. Angie addressed the fact that she and Reagan had a connection and, under other circumstances, they may have gone on a date.

Additionally, she had a relationship with Johnny Carson at one time. People started wondering about them after their combined performances on “The Tonight Show” proved how captivating their relationship was. These performances also highlighted how well they worked together.

The year was 1985 when Angie made the prognostication that she and Carson would “always be drawn to one other.” The scandal surrounding the “Dressed to Kill” actress began when David Janssen publicly accompanied her to an event during her divorce from Burt while she was still married to Burt.

At the time, Angie was his co-star in the show “A Sensitive, Passionate Man,” and Janssen had just recently reconciled with his wife, Dani, after a short period of separation. The actress said that she had the option to leave at any time that suited her needs.

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