Sister bows to brother who gave up school and started working to help her study…

One of the most powerful relationships we will ever have is one between siblings. Our brothers and sisters, with whom we grew up and have spent our entire lives, are the people we can count on the most. They support us during our most difficult times, lift us up when we are down, and take part in the happy occasions and significant anniversaries in our life. They give us the freedom to be who we truly are and to be vulnerable in ways that we might not otherwise do with other people in our life. And when they perform at their highest level, they make sacrifices for us that no one else would.

In Thailand, a young woman and her older brother demonstrated that their relationship was unquestionably an instance of unconditional love. On December 2, 2022, Ying Chanita, a TikTok user from the province of Nakhon Sri Thammarat in southern Thailand, broadcast footage of her graduation from Rajabhat University. 2018 was the deadline for the university’s Faculty of Public Administration graduate to pick up her scroll. But because of the epidemic, her graduation had to be delayed. But when the day finally came, she made sure to celebrate the achievement with the people she trusted and loved the most.

The young woman was only able to graduate because her older brother quit school so he could earn enough money for her to continue pursuing her college education, making this celebration all the more poignant. She so gave her brother’s sacrifice the most touching thanks and honor during her convocation.

The woman was seen putting her graduation robes on her brother in the first of two films that were uploaded during the graduation ceremony, taking great care to make sure everything was in its proper place. She noted in her caption that she was the first graduate in her family. Later, it was revealed in Thai media that she shared a home with her mother, who earned a meager living, and her brother.

The young woman was seen in the second video making sure her brother was properly dressed for graduation while it was being uploaded. The second video has now gained widespread attention and has received more than 13 million views. She then knelt before him before bowing, her head resting on his foot. She then went down on the ground. Directly in front of him, she made the Thai hand gesture known as the “wai,” which denotes respect and acknowledgment of seniority. She extended her hand to her brother as a sign of gratitude and respect, and he responded by bending down to touch the top of her head. She clarified the circumstances in the video’s caption, writing, “Thank you to this boy who gave up everything for his sister.” She also shared images from the joyful day on Facebook, one of which showed her kissing her brother on the cheek.

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