Fancy police team takes on Git-Up challenge and wins. Watch the entertaining viral video below…

The catchy dance known as The Git Up has been performed by people from all walks of life in almost every nation in the world. The song, which is sung by Blanco Brown, has recently gone viral.

This film serves as the best illustration of how cops may perform admirably while occasionally having fun. The two Houston police officers can be seen lowering their guard and disregarding caution. Together for many years, John Williams and Jeremy Lahar have seen a lot, done a lot, and helped a lot of people.

One of the biggest cities in the US is Houston, Texas. The Houston Police Department is therefore constantly occupied. The job of the cops is challenging and they have a lot on their plate. Nevertheless, according to The Houston Police Department’s Twitter, these cops still know when and how to have a good time.
Although they were excellent officers, some acquaintances might not have been aware of their secret flair for dancing. Lahar and Williams were invited to perform The Git Up dance as part of the viral challenge by a few cops who were aware of it. The two officers decided to add their own little twist after searching the internet to see how other individuals were performing the dance. Before recording the dance for everyone to witness, they practiced for a while.

They were positioned in front of a placard that read, “We Love Houston.” They recorded the dance with a friend, then showed off their flawless dancing skills. These two might be mistaken for professional dancers if you didn’t know any better. They were moving in time with the music. To round out their polished appearance, both officers added some sunglasses.

When the song was over, it became evident that the cops had given one of the best performances of The Git Up Challenge. When Officer Lahar chose to post it to YouTube, this opinion was shared online. Within a few days, the film had been liked over 12,000 times and seen over half-a-million times.

The common misconception that police are obese and sluggish is debunked by these two cops. They are both diligent, attractive, and brilliant police officers who recently shocked the internet.

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