People’s eyes flowed when Paige, Ron Howard’s daughter, danced with her father during her wedding.

At home, Ron Howard is a devoted father to his four children while being a major Hollywood player at work. He and his wife of 47 years are devoted parents who adore their kids.

Two of the four children, who are twin girls, are known to adore their parents, Ron and Cheryl Howard. Paige Howard, one of his twin daughters, just got married to Tim Abou-Nasr, the love of her life.

Like her father and older sister Bryce Dallas Howard, Paige also works as an actress. Paige enrolled to the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City to learn the acting trade.

Since then, she has made appearances in films such as ‘The Employer’ and ‘Adventureland.’ Along with appearing in episodes of ‘The Astronauts’ and ‘Medium’ on television.

Tim Abou-Nasr, an actor and musician, and Paige, who had been dating for three years, were engaged in 2020. The pair revealed in May 2020 that the coronavirus pandemic would force them to postpone their wedding.

The day before her planned wedding, she wrote on Instagram that she had a good time with her fiancé and had realized that their focus should be on getting married rather than planning the wedding.

Tim and I spent a lot of time and effort organizing our wedding, and even though we had to postpone, it got us to thinking:

What if we spent just as much time and effort getting ready for our marriage as we did for our wedding day?

The engagement for another year made the pair joyful. Abou-Nasr eventually gave the public a glimpse into the couple’s wedding on May 2, 2022.

He shared some great pictures of the family taking part in the celebrations. He wrote in a basic white shirt, gray tie, and gray suit.

whilst the bride wore an uncommon color! Paige donned a strapless lace dress in a champagne tone and a flower headpiece.

As she and her parents walked down the aisle, she held a bouquet and grinned broadly.

The pair wed outdoors in New York City’s Central Park. We couldn’t be happier, Tim said in his caption. The most stunning bride, Paige is now the most stunning wife! Thankful, relieved, and much in love. The wait was worthwhile.

Paige also posted on Instagram to share her joy. She inscribed, ‘Mrs. The most lovely day I’ve ever experienced. And it goes on forever. We’re ecstatic right now! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our wonderful day.

The wedding location was decorated with lovely table decorations made from themed bouquets and pink and white flowers.

Naturally, Bryce Dallas Howard attended the wedding and assisted her younger sister as a bridesmaid. Bryce was wearing a pale teal bridesmaid dress and accessorized with a rose crown.

She exclaimed that her younger sister looked great and «like the heavenly beauty that she is,’ and was overjoyed for her.

The bride’s dress design was a dream come true, as seen by the reaction everyone had when Paige came down the aisle, according to the bride.

Also filled with joy at his daughter’s wedding was Ron Howard. In one of the most exquisite outfits he had ever seen, he commented, ‘Our Paigey looked like the flower goddess she truly is.’

Ron had the privilege of performing the ceremony. ‘Cheryl and I are still glowing after Paige & Tim’s wedding,’ he said in reference to the nuptials. What a blessing for the two families.

Paige finally revealed a video of the father-daughter dance she and her cherished father performed during her wedding on Father’s Day. In the video’s background, Cheryl Howard can be seen appearing immensely joyful.

People who saw the video largely concurred that it caused them to cry a little bit due to the touching moment Paige had shared with them.

Ron Howard praised the experience they had had together and remarked, ‘That was such a beautiful time. I took the opportunity to give you a hug you’ll never forget even if I’m a lost dancer. I cherish you, Daughter!’

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