Sally Field won 2023’s SAG Life Achievement Award at the age of 76, and now she enjoys time with her grandchildren

Sally Field was scheduled to receive the SAG Life Achievement Award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards presentation in 2023. The actress would be the 58th person to win the medal, with previous recipients including Helen Mirren, Betty White, Robert De Niro, and others.

SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher hailed Field as a brilliant actor with a wide range and the ability to inhabit whatever part she portrayed. The head of the guild said that the star’s career kept going because she gave honest performances.

Drescher also remarked on the honoree’s ability to exude humanity and likeability. The president attributed Field’s fan following to her “deep and complex career,” before adding:

“Sally is a tremendous star with the mindset of a working actress—just keep doing the job and being as excellent as you can.”

While she received the guild’s highest accolade for her work, the actress, who will be 76 in 2023, was most dedicated to her children. After things didn’t work out in other areas, they became the primary center of her existence.

Field previously stated, “The three things I’m most proud of in my life are my boys.” The Oscar winner extolled her children for being kind, compassionate, and productive.

The celebrity also added that each of the youngsters has their own list of accomplishments and abilities. When she gave birth to her first son and kid, Peter, in 1969, the “Smokey and the Bandit” actress became a first-time mother.

Field was still married to her first husband, Steven Craig, at the time. Prior to their divorce in 1975, the former couple received their second child, another boy named Eli, in 1972.

Following Steven, the actress entered into a second marriage with Alan Greisman. When the actress and film producer welcomed Samuel in 1987, they had ended their childbearing years.

Unfortunately, the “Flying Nun” actress and Alan divorced after only ten years of marriage in 1994. When Field’s second marriage ended, she put all of her time and energy into raising her children and working at the same time.

Despite the fact that the kids will be adults in 2023, the celebrity claimed that she no longer wants to make time for dating because her children are her entire “life.” The “Steel Magnolias” actress revealed that she was not married and did not have a separate existence from her children, saying:

“That’s my clan.” That is everything to me.

A source once stated in 2020 that they wouldn’t be shocked if Field gave love another shot in the future. According to the source, the “Mrs. Doubtfire” star had met “someone wonderful” whom she would not keep hidden from the public.

When Peter Craig and his first wife, Amy Scattergood, received their daughter, Isabel Craig, [Sally] Field became a grandma for the first time in 1998.

According to the insider, the actress was a “perpetual optimist” at heart but was also extremely satisfied in her own skin. Field was fond of complimenting her boys for being wonderful fathers and gushing about their Hollywood jobs.

When Sam came out as gay, his mother was there to support him. She told OWN in 2012 that it was critical to have a mom who was open about parenting a confident, charming, hilarious, wonderful, and sexy homosexual son!

Many parents, according to the actress, were terrified to do what she was doing. Parents who refused to accept their children because they were unable to accept who they were and “what nature intended them to be.”

Field’s three kids were a huge blessing in her life, but they offered her something even more precious to adore. The actress relished becoming a grandma to her sons’ children.

When Peter and his first wife, Amy Scattergood, welcomed their daughter, Isabel, in 1998, Field became a grandma for the first time. In 2001, the former couple had their second child, a girl named Sophie.

The author of “Hot Plastic” and the former Los Angeles Times editor divorced in 2005. Peter gave his mother her first grandson and received his first son, Ogden, while married to his second wife, Jennifer DeFrancisco.

Field’s son and DeFrancisco married in 2008 but divorced in 2017 after nine years together. When Noah was born in 2006, Eli and his wife, Sasha Craig, made the renowned actress a grandmother of four.

Colin, the son of the “Dark Wolf” actress and the “Little Evil” director, joined the couple’s family in 2014. Field spent a large amount of time caring for her grandkids, but that didn’t mean she abandoned her children.

Despite her more than five-decade career, Field’s top priority will always be the triplets. In 2020, a friend of the actress stated she enjoyed having a large number of grandchildren and was “fun and funny” with them.