A singer from Texas wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent, and he was immediately labeled “the Elvis of Country…”

After his first performance on “America’s Got Talent,” country singer Drake Milligan from Texas has been given the nickname “The Elvis of Country.” Drake, who was born and raised in Fort Worth, gives the audience some insight into his upbringing.

Drake gives an account of a regular childhood in the country. His mother is a veterinarian, while his father owns and operates a scrap yard.

He spent his childhood fishing and hunting, but everything changed for him when he was only seven years old and out to dinner with his family. Drake was really captivated by the Elvis impersonator who performed at the restaurant earlier that evening.

At such a little age, he started acting as if he were Elvis Presley, imitating everything from the way he dressed to the music he sang. This unquestionably had a role in Drake’s journey toward being known as “the Elvis of country.”

Drake calls Nashville his home base, where he has recorded some of his own songs and where he also tours with the band that is now accompanying him at “AGT.” He compares the potential influence of “AGT” on his career to that of “The Ed Sullivan Show” on the careers of Elvis Presley and The Beatles, and he thinks that “AGT” will offer the exposure necessary to properly start his career.
Watch him perform “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” in the video below. This song, which is both witty and enjoyable, is entirely his own. However, there is no denying that Drake takes certain elements from “The King of Rock and Roll.

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