5 Navy Sailors Sing 1960s Songs and Everyone Goes Wild

These five Navy sailors amuse the crowd with songs from the 1960s that are so amazing, you could think you’re listening to Frankie Vallie. Sea Chanters is the name of the group.

With orchestra instruments playing in the background, it’s unclear what these 5 vocalists will do when they first turn around to face the audience, then…When one navy seal selects a female officer from the crowd to dance with her, the smiles spread.

The music starts, and they sing songs from the 1960s in a style that enthralls the audience and is sure to impress you as well. Each of their distinct sounds blends wonderfully with the tunes they are performing. And, to top it all off, they can dance!

These people are really great; I loved it when he went to the audience and grabbed the master chief to dance with and then properly greeted her by her rank; it was true respect, and that short dance made her day; you could tell she enjoyed every minute of it. It’s fantastic.I remember watching Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons on tour. Vallie’s falsetto reached the stratosphere with pinpoint accuracy. The group’s harmony altered keys flawlessly, providing the audience with a fantastic evening of pleasure.

“Sea Chanters” plays a wide range of music, including traditional choral music, sea chanteys, and patriotic fare, as well as opera, Broadway, and contemporary music. They have performed for the President, Vice President, as well as countless members of Congress, military personnel, and international dignitaries.

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