A single dad adopts a girl with Down syndrome who was rejected by 20 households.

After being turned down by 20 potential adoptive families, including her mother, a little girl’s situation has improved.

The fact that social services seldom award custody to a single, gay guy may be the primary cause for the virality of Luca Trapanese’s adoption tale of baby Alba.

They did, however, make an exception for Luca. We’re glad that they did.According to the BBC, Luca, 41, an Italian guy, authored a book on his journey to fathering Alba, a child with Down syndrome.

In a radio interview, Trapanese said that his case is unusual, claiming that it “destroys stereotypes about fatherhood, religion, and family.”According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, “I was told I would only be given a child with an illness, a severe disability, or with behavioral problems.” “I had no problem with that at all.”

Alba was only 13 days old when Luca adopted her in 2017, after being turned down by 20 families owing to her sickness.

She gave me a feeling of pleasure and happiness. “I’m honored to be her father,” he said.Luca had previously worked in numerous special needs care facilities and had always wanted to have a kid. At the age of 14, he lost his best friend to cancer, which sparked his passion for helping others.

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