‘I Love America’ – ‘Rocky’ Star Dolph Lundgren ‘Proud’ To Become Legal American Citizen

Dolph Lundgren of Rocky fame and his new wife Emma Krokdal were ecstatic to announce on Tuesday that they are officially legal American citizens.

“Finally did it!” Londgren, 66, wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of himself holding his papers and waving an American flag.

“I’ve been in this country on and off for 40 years now,” he continued. “First as a student then as a fighter and an actor. America has given me some wonderful opportunities and an amazing life. I’m proud to become a U.S. citizen and officially make this my home.”

“I love America and the wonderful opportunities this country has given me,” he later added to People Magazine. “I’m proud to finally become a U.S. citizen and officially make this my home. It’s about time.”

Krokdal, 27, also shared a photo of herself waving the American flag as she held her official citizenship papers.

“Feeling lucky to now have two homes [U.S./Norway] two very different countries, but the mix of the two have made me who I am today,” she captioned the image.

Lundgren is originally from Sweden and Krokdal is from Norway, according to Fox News. The couple married last summer after meeting in 2019 at a gym where Londgren was a member and Krokdal worked as a personal trainer.

“I felt sorry for her because she’s quite a bit younger than me and having to deal with all this b—— and all these doctor’s appointments, but she’s been very good about it and super supportive,” he said of Krokdal after their wedding. “I think it’s brought us together, she’s like an angel that was sent down to help.”

Lundgren and Krokdal sadly were forced to put their wedding off for years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We chose to celebrate our love by getting married at our villa in Mykonos with family and a few close friends,” they said at the time. “With both COVID and a long road of challenging medical treatments, we’ve had to push our marriage plans many times.”