In her new Netflix show, Meghan Markle claims she thought it was a joke when informed she’d have to curtsy to the Queen… She goes on mimicking the encounter…

Markle revealed in the documentary series Harry & Meghan on Netflix how unprepared she was to become a member of the royal family. She stated that she was unsure how to curtsy, that she had to look up the British national anthem on Google, and that she had no idea what a “walkabout” was.

In the series, Prince Harry referred to Queen Elizabeth as the “first senior member of the family” that Meghan had the opportunity to meet.

When they found out that the Queen was there, Meghan and Harry were driving to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s house at the Royal Lodge. She said that they were in the vehicle when they found out that the Queen was there. “Meghan felt it was a joke” when Harry inquired whether she knew how to curtsy.

“What do you say to people when they ask you about that? How are you going to explain to your friends and coworkers that you bow to your grandma and that you have to curtsy? Especially to a person from the United States. That’s very strange, “Harry replied.

Meghan remarked, “Now that I’ve given it some thought, I can see that this is a major issue. I mean, people in the United States will get this. There will be a meal followed by a tournament during Medieval Times. It happened just like that.”

In the third episode of the program, which is available on Netflix, Meghan spoke up about her confusion during a “walkabout,” which is the word used to describe occasions when members of the royal family visit well-wishers.

She added, “No photographs or films of the walkabout were ever shown to me, so, “What exactly is a walkabout?””