Watch: A powerful devotion performance by The Voice contestant Bodie brought the judges to tears at the finale of the competition…

During the season finale of The Voice, Bodie Kuljian, also known simply as Bodie, delivered a worship performance that was both poignant and powerful.

Bodie paid tribute to his three children throughout the concert by singing the song “Gratitude,” which was performed by Christian musician Brandon Lake.

While he was singing, other members of a choir joined him on stage and as they sang, they raised their hands in adoration, which instilled awe in the crowd.

The performance had a profound impression on everyone of the judges, including Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Blake Shelton, who serves as Bodie’s coach. Stefani specifically said, “You have a superpower behind you, it’s a fact.

I believe that it is because of the unadulterated trust that you have… I am completely speechless right now, it was such a moving performance.”

Even though Bodie didn’t end up winning the competition, the performance was so impressive that it made an indelible mark on not just the judges but also the crowd.

Brandon Lake, who saw the concert on television, expressed his thankfulness that Bodie’s performance was a blessing to millions of people all around the world.

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