Cher was moved to tears by Adam Lambert’s highly emotional performance of “Believe…” Watch the video below…

Recently, Adam Lambert approached the stage at the 41st annual Kennedy Center Honors to sing Cher’s most famous song, “Believe.” Cher herself was moved to tears by the performance, which had the whole audience in the palm of Lambert’s hand and absolutely intrigued by what he was doing on stage.

The magnificent cover that Adam Lambert did of Cher’s iconic song was really raw and emotional, and it was pretty much the polar opposite of the 1998 dance music that had grown so popular over the years. The song was transformed into a ballad that nobody anticipated thanks to increased vocals on the part of Lambert as well as a slowed-down pace. However, we adore it!

Even though the 41st annual event took place a few weeks ago but didn’t broadcast until this past Wednesday, the whole crowd was absolutely taken away by the former contestant on American Idol. It was the icing on the cake that night, thanks to his gorgeous vibrato, his astute use of dynamics, and his characteristic high tenor notes.

However, the most important thing was Cher’s response to the news.

During the performance of her legendary hit song, Cher was seen on video dabbing away the tears that she was unable to stop herself from shedding. Even the lady sitting directly in front of her had red, bloodshot eyes. On that night, no one was able to contain their feelings for very long.

When the artist put his own touch on the song by singing some extraordinarily high notes, the 72-year-old woman couldn’t help but drop her mouth as she watched him perform. She was completely and utterly awestruck.

Following the airing of the show, Cher shared her reactions and reflections on the performance through the social networking platform Twitter.

She stated that she “tried to write feelings about Adam Lambert singing Believe in words, but can’t seem to,” adding that she was so moved and overwhelmed by the performance that she could only feel it with her heart. She said that she “tried to write feelings about Adam Lambert singing Believe in words,” but that she “can’t seem to.” Obviously, Lambert didn’t waste any time and shot back right away with, “It was a complete pleasure Cher!!!!” You’re a goddess!”

Cher was the first audience member to get to her feet and give Lambert the standing ovation he was so worthy of. She did this from the balcony where she was seated. It’s clear from the grin on her face that she had a wonderful time at the show; she couldn’t stop raving about it! Now, fans are holding out hope that the two may work together at some point in the near future.

Since 2011, Lambert has been working as the main singer for the rock band Queen, which is located in the United Kingdom. The band has been on tour since 2011. 2015 was the year that he released his last solo album, and he just finished a world tour with Queen that lasted from 2017 till 2018. As we speak, he is getting ready to go on another another tour with the band.

Regarding Cher, she is now enjoying the opening of The Cher Show on Broadway as well as the release of her album Dancing Queen, which was inspired by ABBA and the movie Mamma Mia!

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