During a reunion with her ex, Justin Long, Drew Barrymore couldn’t control her tears… Watch this heart-warming video below…

There were already happy tears being shed in anticipation of the return of the most beloved program in the history of television. On Monday, September 12, The Drew Barrymore Show resumed for its third season, but before the program aired, video of a hard reunion between exes Drew Barrymore and Justin Long swept over the internet. The pair had previously dated and broken up in 2010.

After being apart for 15 years, Barrymore and her ex-husband Tom Green got back together during the inaugural season of the daytime talk show. In the earlier part of this year, Barrymore discussed in an episode how she and her ex-boyfriend Luke Wilson had an open relationship. Drew basically fills us in on all the details of her background. Ellen could never!

Between the years 2007 and 2010, Barrymore and Long had sporadic romantic relationships. They first appeared on screen together in the romantic comedy Going the Distance in the year 2010. In a clip taken from their conversation on the first episode of the third season of The Drew Barrymore Show, the exes, who have moved on to become friends following the end of their romance, discussed their history together and discussed the importance of their connection to one another.

Barrymore expressed her sentiments by saying, “I feel as if we’ve gone through so much together too.” “Whenever we would chat on the phone or FaceTime each other, I would always tell Justin, ‘You know, I’ve really grown up.’ I’ve always wanted to show you how much of a different person I am now compared to when we were dating.

“We laughed so lot, as though it was such a significant element of our relationship, namely that we like being around amusing people. “We take great pleasure in making each other laugh,” added Long. “It means the world to me that we were able to keep our love alive because I’m certain that it won’t ever go away.”

Barrymore has said that her love for Long will last forever and that she has called their sexual connection “hedonistic.” “I will never stop loving you with all my heart. You had a very significant place in my life. I really am, and I am very appreciative. I get the impression that we have gone through a lot together.


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