Eloise’s Role in Colin & Penelope’s Bridgerton Season 3 Is Vastly Different From The Book?

The Bridgerton season 3 trailer offered plenty of updates, including Eloise’s newest role and approach toward Penelope & Colin’s new bond.

Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton, Claudia Jessie as Eloise Bridgerton and Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton

Many differences from the book were revealed in Bridgerton season 3’s trailer, but very few were as surprising as Eloise’s behavior, especially in relation to her new acquaintances and her preoccupation with Penelope and Colin’s situation. From the smaller time jump to the way Colin and Penelope are supposed to grow closer, the Bridgerton season 3 trailer offered glimpses of the period drama’s upcoming season that readily set it up as the most different from the books yet. This is made even easier by the updates Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story provided and the bigger roles of more Bridgerton siblings.

The events of Bridgerton season 2’s ending greatly influenced the different starting point for Penelope and Colin’s story, as Penelope undoubtedly felt at her lowest hearing Colin’s cruel remarks to the other gentlemen and losing her closest confidante’s friendship all in one evening. However, while Bridgerton season 2’s events justify the different steps Colin and Penelope will have to take to recover their friendship and set in motion their unintended romance, the hope for a reconciliation between Eloise and Penelope seems all but lost. Eloise’s unforgiving behavior thus hints at incredible changes in her role in Bridgerton season 3’s story.

Eloise Opposes Colin & Penelope’s Romance In Bridgerton Season 3’s Trailer

Bridgerton Season 2 Already Showed Eloise as Colin’s Protector When Uncovering Lady Whistledown

The Bridgerton season 3 trailer abounded with romantic moments between Colin and Penelope, repeatedly hinting at them both feeling something different in their ploy to try to find Penelope a husband. However, another character particularly interested in their new connection seemed Eloise, especially during a ball they all attended. In two moments, Eloise can be heard enquiring about Colin’s unusual interest in Penelope, having noticed how different things were between them. Eloise’s disbelief in their association was even more evident when confronting Colin, asking whether Penelope was “not seeking a husband in you, I hope?” ostensibly opposed to the idea.

By showing her intent on meddling in Penelope and Colin’s newfound connection, the Bridgerton season 3 trailer hints at Eloise seemingly opposing their potential union, despite Colin reassuring her that he was only helping Penelope find a husband. Eloise’s protectiveness was already highlighted in their Bridgerton season 2 showdown when she accused Penelope of continuing “making money at a cost to everyone else,” including Marina Thompson and her brother. Knowing the truth behind Lady Whistledown after all gives Eloise a valid reason to doubt Penelope, especially considering how she could be the only one knowing the depth of Penelope’s secrets.

The Bridgerton Books Never Gave Eloise A Good Reason To Oppose Colin & Pen’s Romance

Their Pairing Saddened Eloise But Only Because She Felt Left Alone As A Spinster

Eloise’s apparent opposition to Colin and Penelope’s bond in Bridgerton season 3 gives her a new role, separate from any she had in previous Bridgerton seasons or Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton books. Indeed, knowing Penelope had always been Lady Whistledown gives Eloise an edge unshared with other members of the ton, making her mistrust of Penelope’s motives reasonable, especially considering Penelope would have unlikely been honest with Colin about Lady Whistledown as he coached her through her husband search.

Eloise wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about Colin and Penelope’s engagement in the books, but she couldn’t oppose them not having good reasons to do so.

Eloise and Penelope’s separation has a basis in the events from Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, which Bridgerton season 3 adapts. However, Eloise’s less-than-ecstatic reaction to Colin and Penelope marrying in the books had everything to do with her fear of remaining a spinster alone and nothing with the couple. This led to Eloise having to accept the pairing, not having anything tangible against them, despite running away on the same night of Penelope’s Lady Whistledown reveal to explore her spark with Sir Phillip. With Eloise’s knowledge and opposite approach in Bridgerton season 3, her attitude will undoubtedly be more confrontational.