Michael Bublé is being called “Mr. Mom” due to his willingness to step in for his wife whenever she is away

Michael Bublé, the Canadian-born singer known for popular songs such as “Haven’t Met You Yet,” “Sway,” and “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” has a love life straight out of a rom-com.

After several unsuccessful relationships with renowned ladies, he discovered love with Argentine model Luisana Lopilato in 2008. They quickly became engaged and married in April 2011.

Following their dual wedding ceremonies, one in Argentina’s capital and one in his hometown of Vancouver, the pair jetted straight to Africa, where they spent their honeymoon helping underprivileged children.

They are now deeply devoted to being present for their four children. Michael has always been prepared for the obligations of parenthood. While pregnant with his first child in 2013, he admits to slowing down to be there for his child. The 37-year-old revealed:

“I used to work for a month and a half or so, then take a week off.” The program is now three weeks on, two weeks off.

Michael didn’t mind handling a pregnant woman for the first time. He laughed about her cravings, but despite their disbelief, the singer remained supportive and described being more in love with his wife.

The couple’s habits altered as expected with the birth of their first child, Noah Bublé, but the new father was candid about how he felt about meeting the little man.

Michael admitted that he was concerned for his Lopilato throughout the birth and relieved when his baby was healthy; yet, he was not overcome with overpowering emotion at first glimpse. He merely felt like he was meeting a stranger. Surprisingly, the father-son magic occurred later. The singer joked, ”

“It truly clicked the next night.” “I was gazing at him when I realized what he was saying.”

The couple received their second son, Elias, and their daughter, Vida, two years after becoming first-time parents. The “Haven’t Met You Yet” singer revealed in February 2022 that they were expecting another child.

Their fourth child, Cielo Yoli Rose, and their second girl were born in August 2022. The pair believes that the more the merrier; in announcing the joyous news, the couple termed Cielo their “infinite blessing,” adding that they cherish her.

Michael’s love and affection for family extend beyond his wife and children. The musician, who is close to his parents and has sought their love and advice in the past, will be eternally grateful to them for the sacrifices they made for him.

In a Facebook post aimed at honoring his father on Father’s Day, the “Sway” singer shared a touching flashback photo of his father cradling him as a child and captioned it:

“When I was a youngster, I thought my dad was Superman; now that I’m older, I understand I was correct.”

Michael may not have cried when he saw his first child, Noah, for the first time, but the actor loves nothing more than being a father who gets along well with his kids.

Since becoming a parent, the Canadian native, like his father, has been an important part of his children’s lives. Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer three years after joining the family in 2016.

Michael is never terrified of being alone with his children. When Lopilato is not around, he devises ways for them to spend their bonding time. On Instagram, he occasionally surprises followers with a sneak peek of a good time with the crew.

The first-time parents gave up their jobs to support their kid, who had been undergoing therapy for two years. They were fortunate to have the assistance of extended family members, who joined them in living together. Michael has spoken openly about the event and how it affected him on several occasions. Noah’s health difficulties, according to the artist, impacted him hard.

However, according to the Grammy winner, Noah was a superhero since his mini-me exhibited resilience throughout the therapy. However, Michael’s prognosis caused him to rethink his enthusiasm for music. It felt more like being in hell.

Family, faith, and love for his children kept him going, and they have remained his priorities. Noah’s sickness also had an impact on his love of singing and his outlook on life. In his own words:

“I live with a viewpoint I didn’t have before, and it helps me be fearless.” Perspective has helped me rediscover my passion for music. “When I was going through Noah’s cancer, there was a snap from the start.”

Even though he fell in love with music again and is touring again, the “Higher” singer values family time the most, and even though he has four kids, he still can’t get enough of being a parent.

Michael is never terrified of being alone with his children. When Lopilato is not around, he devises ways for them to spend their bonding time. On Instagram, he occasionally surprises followers with a sneak peek of a good time with the crew.

In an amusing video, the musician showed fans how his children tricked him into playing. While toys were hurled at him, his son, Elias, grabbed his hair, and Vida pretended to draw on his face.

The adoring father was heard singing Bruno Mars’ “Leave the Door Open,” with the words “Any other fathers feel like this when your wife goes for 5 minutes?” on the video. “It should be Mother’s Day,” he subsequently added.

Michael joked with his internet admirers about his kids’ disruption, but he is captivated by them and wants their companionship. The artist stated that his life was wonderful, citing his family as the source of his happiness. He continued:

“I come from a really loving, tactile family, and we’re quite emotional, so sometimes even my children say, “Too many kisses!” “Get off, Dad!” But that’s simply how I am. “It’s one of the reasons I’m good at what I do on stage; I enjoy the feeling.”

Michael’s love for his children extends beyond kisses. The musician and his wife have worked together to be outstanding parents to their children throughout the years. They have both managed prosperous careers at the same time.

When Lopilato is at work, the singer works as a babysitter for their children. He refers to himself as “Mr. Mom,” and he collaborates closely with his adored partner to manage their family life. His family, in turn, motivates him to produce great and intriguing songs!