80-year-old celebrates 60th marriage anniversary by wearing her original wedding dress

For most women, a wedding gown symbolizes one of the most important days of their lives.This is why they spend a lot of time picking the perfect dress.Some are even willing to spend a lot of money on it.They save up and prepare ahead of time to make sure they look the most beautiful on their wedding day.Janith Goedde is one of those women who value wedding dresses so much.While the dress doesn’t look as perfect as the day she wore it in 1957, it was still in excellent condition.

It still drew tons of positive comments the day it was taken out of her attic.During the celebration of her 60th wedding anniversary, she decided to show it off.Well, she didn’t just show it off- she actually wore it!It was a big party and she felt that it was the best time to prove that she can still fit in her beautiful wedding dress.

Janith and her husband Joe got married in Haubstadt, Indiana.During that time, their wedding was announced in the local newspaper.There, a lot of people were blown away by how gorgeous her dress was.

“For her wedding, the bride chose a floor-length gown of imported Chantilly lace and nylon tulle over satin, fastened down the back with tiny covered buttons. The fitted lace bodice was designed with Sabrina neckline and embroidered in pearlized sequins. The long sleeves tapered over the wrists.”

Janith didn’t do a lot to maintain the dress.Believe it or not, she didn’t use anything else to preserve it except a plastic bag.Even without treatment or a special storage bag, her dress remained white in color after several years.The milestone was a moment to remember.

Not every couple gets to celebrate their 6oth wedding anniversary.That’s why their family decided to throw them a huge party.They even got them a cake that featured their wedding photo.After the celebration, the 80-year-old lady came home and placed a bet with the girls.

And while it’s a bit tight, it can still fit her. At 80 years old, she looks fabulous in her wedding dress!Even her husband agreed:“She still looks beautiful.”At first, Joe felt hesitant about the party.