She was a star in the ’70s – a tragic accident scarred her face of life….

Hollywood has always been full of stars. Some stay in the spotlight for decades, while others peak briefly before disappearing as quickly as they arrived.

Through the years, we’ve seen legendary actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Jayne Mansfield, Raquel Welch, and Jean Harlow garner plenty of attention, helped no end by their natural talent and gorgeous looks.

But even when they sat the throne as queens of the industry, there were always others waiting in the wings, vying for a chance to take over. One such was American actress Sydne Rome, dubbed the golden girl from the American Midwest.

Sydne didn’t walk the same path as any other actress to make it in the entertainment business. Instead, she went to Europe, and with her blonde hair and blue eyes, viewers couldn’t get enough of her. It’s reported that she even once dated David Bowie.

But even though Rome might have had the it factor, she didn’t stay in the spotlight for long. Even so, she is still very much active, and over the years has created a family of her own. Sadly, one accident left her face scarred for life.

Rome’s marriage to Emilio sadly didn’t last. She re-married doctor Roberto Bernabei, and together they decided to adopt two sisters, Vanessa, and Jesse, from the favelas of Sao Paulo, Brazil, according to Corriere. He became a–respected medical worker – and in 2021, was appointed the personal physician of Pope Francis.

Rome’s career continued with her starring in many productions, but her big breakthrough never came in the US. Despite that, she found more important things in life, such as a peaceful, loving family.

Then, in 2009, Sydne Rome’s life changed forever. While driving her car – with one of her then-eight-year-old daughters in the vehicle – she was involved in a serious accident.

In an interview on the Italian talk show Vieni da Me, Rome explained that she had been driving her car for the first time after it had been in the garage for three weeks.

With her daughter in the car, Sydne ended up veering off the road and hitting a tree. The airbag blew up in her face – and did a lot of damage.

“I went to the hospital and they stitched up my ski,” Rome said, adding that the doctors didn’t realize that her facial muscles had taken a hit because of the accident. “That part of my face after a while became paralyzed, and so 10 years ago I had physical therapy and today I’m a little bit better.”

Looking at photos from her past, Sydne sadly admitted that she didn’t recognize her face in pictures because of the change to the right side of her face.

“I know it’s me, but it’s like seeing another person again,” she added.

Despite her brutal injury, Sydne didn’t let it bring her down. She continued to work in the entertainment industry, and most recently starred in the Italian film La Quattordicesima Domenica Del Tempo Ordinario, released in 2023.

Moreover, Sydne, now age 72, had a recurring role in the Italian television series Don Matteo, appearing in 53 episodes between 2021 and 2022.

Sydne Rome didn’t become the next Brigette Bardot, but has always done what she enjoyed. Despite the sad accident, she has continued to follow her passion.

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