When a boy refused to remove his hat in the classroom, the principal of the middle school investigated further and found out that…

Stonybrook Intermediate and Middle School in Warren Township, Indiana, is led by Jason Smith, who serves as the school’s principal. Recently, a student in the eighth grade was sent to the principal’s office because he refused to remove his hat while in the classroom.

“I sat down with him and questioned him about the reason for everything as well as what was going on. He said that he had just gotten a new haircut but was unhappy with the way it looked “Jason remarked. He was concerned that his hairline gave him an odd appearance.

At that point, Jason informed the student that he would correct the student’s hair cut as long as the student promised to return to the classroom once he was finished. The student gave their approval to the proposition.

“The majority of my life has been spent working as a barber. I was a college basketball player and would trim the hair of my teammates before games. I’ve also been cutting my son’s hair for the last 17 years “he said Jason.

“Therefore, I was equipped with professional clippers and edgers at my house. So I asked them, “If I go home and get my clippers and line you up, would you go back to class?” and they he said “Yeah, I will.””

Jason proceeded by saying that he is aware of how essential it is for pupils to have self-confidence and to take pleasure in how they present themselves in interviews. “At that age, acceptability from one’s peers is really important.

The narrative on how this administrator assisted this kid was shared on Facebook at some point. And it struck a chord with people, leading to its widespread dissemination.

However, Principal Smith does not believe that he went outside the scope of his responsibilities in any manner.

He considers it to be an important part of his work to assist pupils and find solutions to issues that arise at the school rather than making matters worse.