Lesly Brown is 19 years younger than Pat Sajak and vowed to “be quiet and clean the toilet every day” after marrying him…

Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak didn’t click right away when they first met. They ultimately understood that they were meant to be, though, and had a traditional wedding ceremony where Brown’s responsibilities as a wife were discussed.

Pat Sajak has been married to Lesly Brown for more than three decades. She previously earned a television production degree from the University of Maryland in 1986 and is 19 years younger than him.

Brown has always wanted to go law school. She was also a former Playboy model and enjoyed the honor of holding the title of Miss Georgetown.

She appeared in the Playboy magazine article “Women of Washington” in 1988. It was undoubtedly fate that led to Brown’s romance with the “Wheel of Fortune” star.
The two said that when they first met, they had no romantic interest in one another. Sajak had been wed to Sherrill, his first wife, before he met Brown.

Sajak’s first marriage lasted seven years before tragically coming to an end in divorce in 1986. Sajak’s response was unambiguous when Brown once asked him during a conversation if he’d be interested in getting married once more.

He kept saying “no,” showing how certain he was that marriage was no longer for him. Therefore, it was quite unexpected when he and Brown started dating and eventually got married.

When Brown and Sajak were first acquainted to one another in the summer of 1988, they first acted as platonic friends. They met in California at the opening of a sports bar owned by a mutual acquaintance.

According to Sajak, their meeting had “no electricity in the air,” suggesting that they had no love impulses for one another. He further mentioned that nobody even brought up Brown throughout his drive home.

The two went out together a few times over the ensuing months. Even though they were separated by a great distance, the aspiring actress and Sajak would frequently communicate when she was back in Maryland.

The game show presenter felt at ease admitting he had to go because he had a date during their phone chats because the two were so uninterested in each other romantically. Brown affirmed that there was no romantic tension between them and that he was easy and enjoyable to chat to.

But Sajak acknowledged that by the spring of 1989, it was obvious that there was more going on between them. Despite this, none of them desired to initiate contact!

Brown participated in “The Dating Game” before the pair met in 1988. She traveled with the bachelor who had selected her on the show, accompanied by a chaperone, to Mexico to collect her rewards.

When she went to claim her prize, she and Sajak had already developed a close bond. The television personality admitted that he was a little irritated when he saw her traveling with another man.

Brown made fun of him by pointing out that he had been feeling envious at the time and believed that was okay. Sajak flew over to see her as she arrived back from her trip.

He admitted that he had already decided that Brown was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with at that time. He revealed his intentions to marry Brown to Dan Miller, a longtime buddy and talk show sidekick, in Los Angeles.

Miller questioned him about his decision after being astonished by it. Sajak kept his promise and proposed to Brown. When she said yes, he gave her a marquise-shaped diamond engagement ring that weighed more than three carats.

Sajak, who was 42 at the time of the marriage proposal, wed Brown, who was 24. The television personality’s wedding took place at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Annapolis, Maryland, where Miller served as his best man.

A 21-piece orchestra played Greensleeves for the newlyweds during the 40-minute ceremony in the candle-lit church. Brown wore a tight-fitting white taffeta gown embellished with sequins, lace, and pearls.

Sajak and his bride were married in a traditional ceremony. The priest even said that a wife was blessed for keeping quiet and maintaining a tidy home, which prompted Sajak to laugh later, saying:

Lesly made a vow to be silent and to clean the bathroom every day. I believed he ought to address Mop & Glo.

At Brown’s parents’ two-story house outside of Annapolis, the reception was hosted. The New Year was celebrated with egg rolls and ham and biscuits as guests mingled under a white tent behind the house.

He admitted he wanted to take a break and establish a family.
The happy couple left for their brief Caribbean honeymoon after the festivities. Fortunately for the TV star, his wife’s family appeared to accept him right away.

Brown’s family accepted Sajak despite the nineteen-year age gap between him and his wife. Even Brown’s father, Michael, made light of the fact that they now had a male because he had three daughters.

The bride’s mother, Maria, made a joke about how they didn’t watch TV much and wouldn’t start doing so now that Sajak was their son-in-law. Vanna White, the co-host of the star’s television show, also went to his nuptials.

George Santo Pietro, her former boyfriend, joined her to the nuptials. Sajak’s marriage wouldn’t affect their friendship, according to White, and they would continue to see each other with Brown joining them because she wasn’t envious.

Sajak once remarked that if things slowed down, he wasn’t keen on launching into something else professionally. He admitted he wanted to take a break and establish a family.

Despite her prior goals, Brown also wished to raise their children in their Los Angeles house in 1990. Their daughter Maggie was born in 1995, while their son Patrick was born in 1990.