Mom Realizes Her Son Is Still Alive After Noticing Detail on the Body During His Funeral

A young man’s choice to go out and celebrate his birthday with friends ended in tragedy and distress for his loved ones. However, things took an unexpected twist.

An Airbnb host shared a shocking story on TikTok about a woman who checked in at a guest house she works at. The woman divulged she was in town for a celebration of life, and the host offered her condolences.

But the woman quickly revealed that the person in question was still alive. She decided to indulge the host by telling her what had happened.

The TikTok user retold the bizarre story to her followers and stated the woman permitted her to share the story. According to her, the woman’s son had turned 21 and decided to go out and celebrate with his college friends in a town he was unfamiliar with.

They went to a bar, where he started drinking and later realized his phone was gone. He asked the person behind him, and he denied knowing anything about the missing phone.

The person he accused of stealing his phone punched him in the face, and he fell on the side of the bar, injuring his head, and was left unconscious. He was transported to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the person who assaulted him (and had actually stolen his phone) ran away and went to another bar, where he got into trouble again. This time the police happened to be just outside the bar.

He ran out of the establishment and which led to a chase. The individual apparently had a gun and brandished it to the law enforcement officers who fatally shot him.

When he fell to the ground, he “smacked his face off the curb,” the host revealed. Meanwhile, the young man’s mother was trying to get a hold of him on his phone to no avail – not knowing he was lying in the hospital unconscious.

But as she persisted, the coroner’s officer answered the call, throwing her off guard. The host explained the parent lost it upon hearing who was on the other end of the line.

She was asked to come into town to identify the body and identified it as her son. The deceased’s body was “all swollen,” and “they have the same skin color, the same hair color, the same somewhat build,” the TikTok user explained.

She added the mother was still overwhelmed with grief thinking her child had died; hence she could not tell them apart. The parent had no other information regarding what had occurred.

The family held a funeral three days later, and that was when things started to unravel after she noticed something was amiss and started being hysterical.

The Mom Realized It Was Not Her Son
It was an open-casket funeral, and the mother realized the deceased was not her son. The social media user explained how the parent noticed this detail:

“She realizes that this guy has a tattoo on his arm, which she didn’t see originally because it was under a blanket in the morgue.”

The mother noticed it was not even a new tattoo. “So, she’s at the funeral freaking out, ‘Not my son! Not my son!’ Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, my god, this mom’s freaking out because she is like, ‘Oh, my God, my baby’s dead,’” said the host.

The mom later called all the hospitals looking for her child and finally found him. The TikToker posted another video of the incident a day later with a follow-up. She revealed the mom told her there was a mix-up between her son and the deceased because her child had put his ID and credit card in his phone case at the back of his phone.