3-year-old son promotes his Marine father.

The story you are to read is a party of emotions.

Being a marine is such a difficult task. Only a few talented from the millions of population are skilled enough to make it through the hardships to get into the position of a marine. Starting with an attitude test and a boot camp, things become more intense in each step.

While getting into a position of a marine is difficult, getting promoted is only for the most dedicated.

A video on youtube surpassed 21 million views recently. It was a marine getting promoted; The first time a marine was promoted by his three-year-old son.

In the process of getting promoted, forces follow a super formal ranking system. Among those ranks, becoming an officer is one of the biggest honors that a marine can acquire.

In case the event does take place with great respect and dignity.

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Even though the rule is strict to some extent, the marines showcased that they are willing to bend some rules a little to promote one of their most important values.

Marines are serving to protect the country so all families can live safe back home.

The video shows the beginning of an ordinary promotion ceremony. A higher-ranked officer reads the formal documents stating that the soldier is getting promoted. Still, the surprise was not revealed and was on the way.

All other marines are standing at attention.

The “pinning” part of the ceremony was yet to come. It is the end and the most important part. With every word in the reading, the surroundings get saturated with emotional tension.

” Know that we are proposing special trust and confidence in the fidelities and abilities of Kyle B Carpenter, I do appoint this marine a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps,” read the document.

The new sergeant gets to shake the hand of all the officers there.

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Immediately a special guest is called upon to the ceremony premises. With an adorable grin on his face, the 3-year-old son of the promoted serviceman walks across the pavement.

The proud wife of the promoted marine or the proud mother of the 3-year-old is watching the incident with excitement. With a camera in her hand, she is working on capturing the whole extraordinary moment.

With a bunch of emotions on his face, Carpenter kneels so that he is at his son’s level. The little guy then pins new chevrons to the right and then the left shoulders of his dad.

Carpenter was lost in proudness. Proud marine at the same time a proud father. He deserved it.

With the pins attached, Carpenter hugs his son. Afterward, the little boy is sent back to his mother.

The moment of return catches everyone’s eye. The waddles and gallops during the return make everyone remain in a chuckle. Yet, everyone did know the significance of the moment.

It was a heart-warming moment. He’s a person to admire; an incredible statesman and a great father.

This is the only video posted on Crystal Carpenter’s (wife of Kyle B Carpenter) youtube channel, and as the title says, it truly is the beat(non-official) the United States Marine Corps promotion ever.

We should be grateful to her for sharing this amazing video with us.

The marines will always receive our respect for their service and sacrifices. Watch the heart-warming video of the promotion ceremony Below!

YouTube video

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