Grandma saves change in jars for 4 years to buy granddaughter prom dress of her dreams

For most high school girls, prom is a very important night.

Having the chance to unwind after 4 years of school with all your best friends is an amazing feeling.

Prom is also a great opportunity to get all dressed up and to show up looking your best.
There are a lot of different aspects that go into getting ready for prom; buying a dress and shoes, getting your nails, hair and makeup done, and of course, doing a big photoshoot.


Everybody wants to look their best as they pull up to the party and have a magical movie entrance moment.

However, prom, and everything that goes along with it, can get pretty pricey.
One recently graduated high school girl though, didn’t need to worry about the cost of a dress as her grandmother had been preparing for years.

Jayden Shatzer was shocked when her grandmother, Kim, told her that the dress would be paid for by her.

It turned out that ever since Jayden had started high school 4 years before, her grandmother had saved all her change so she could buy her granddaughter the dress of her dreams.
Kim had filled water jugs, peanut butter containers, jam jars, and anything else she could get her hands on with tons of coins.

Neither woman wanted to count and roll the coins by hand, so they went to their local grocery store and dumped everything into a coin counter machine.

During the process of counting all the coins, the machine jammed due to how many there were.
In total, Grandma Kim had saved up $357.93 and both women were shocked by the amount.

Happily, they withdrew their money and then moved on to the next stage of the process, finding the perfect dress.

Together they went hunting for a dress that Jayden loved and was comfortable in.
They settled on a beautiful mossy green dress with a light paisley design.


The dress has a slit up the side and an open back and Jayden looks absolutely stunning.

On the day of her prom, Jayden got her hair, makeup, and nails done, then it was time for the dress.
She slid into the skin-tight number, slipped on some shiny silver heels, and waited for her boyfriend to pick her up.

The young man turned up in a classy light gray suit with a bowtie that perfectly matched his date’s dress.

Before setting off for the evening, they did a photo shoot in order to show off how amazing both of them looked.
Their smiles were extra wide as they held each other tight, ready for the night of their lives.

And there to see them off was Grandma Kim; what was surely an emotional night for her was made all the more special because of her contribution.

By no surprise, when Jayden shared her story on TikTok, it went viral!

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