The family wanted a girl, but instead organized a gender reveal party for sextuplets…

In 2017, Courtney and Eric Waldrop, who already had three boys, hoped to have a girl. But destiny had other ideas, and Courtney found out she was expecting not just one child, but six. The couple initially struggled to conceive, and after suffering many miscarriages, they made the decision to seek fertility treatments. They had no idea that their five-person family would more than double to 11 after the birth of their sextuplets.

According to estimates, the likelihood that a woman will give birth to sextuplets is one in 4.7 billion. To put those odds in perspective, you have a much better chance of producing sextuplets than winning the Mega Millions jackpot, which has a one in 302.5 million chance. And yet, the Waldrops experienced exactly that in 2017.

As anyone might understand, having six more children is both a parenting and a financial problem. Fortunately, the Waldrop family was supported by the Alabama community through a public fundraising that featured a 5K run and gender reveal.

For the well-attended outdoor event, friends, members of their church, and other locals came. The Waldrops decided on something more joyful and dramatic rather than just revealing guests the gender of their sextuplets. They positioned four pink boxes in a row on stage with the assistance of the event staff, who also included Courtney’s best friend. Multicolored fireworks were contained in the boxes, which were labelled A through F based on the ultrasound names of the babies. If the fireworks were blue, the baby would be a boy, and if they were pink, a girl would be on the way for the Waldrops.

As Courtney, Eric, and their three sons took the stage to light the fireworks for the big reveal, the audience cheered. There was a potential that the Waldrops would have a total of 9 sons when blue smoke came out of the boxes marked A, B, and C. Then, though, box D started to emit pink smoke, and boxes E and F likewise turned pink.

“I’m very happy. Holy cow! both three boys and three girls. I mean, it couldn’t be more wonderful,” Courtney said that evening to Inside Edition.

Since the family’s joyous gender reveal in 2017, they have gained popularity on YouTube and television, where they have their own program: TLC’s “Sweet Home Sextuplets.”

In September 2018, before the start of the first season of the show, Courtney said of raising her children, “We enjoy every minute of it but it is something, having to feed around the clock.”

Eric remarked, “It’s a new type of tiredness now. Even when we feel like we’re going to lose our heads, they are doing fantastic.

In the same interview, Courtney revealed something that may surprise you: being on “Sweet Home Sextuplets” helped them arrange their chaotic lives a little bit.

Courtney remarked, “Everything was almost as if they knew if it got crazy we’d stop and they’d let us get everything quiet.” “We genuinely never had to tell anybody to turn off the cameras. They felt it.

Fans of the show will be upset to learn that Courtney and Eric revealed they would not be continuing with the TLC series during a July 2021 Q&A session on the Waldrops’ YouTube channel.

The couple discussed how they were approached about appearing on television just one week after they revealed Courtney was expecting sextuplets in the video.

Filmmaking is quite difficult, according to Courtney.

“With Courtney trying to manage a million things she had to do and me trying to balance working a full-time job, running a business, coaching the kids, and attempting to film. It was just a lot, Eric continued.

The filming, Courtney continued, was extremely difficult on their older boys.”We have always indicated that we would have to cease filming the show if it ever interfered with our family life or caused any of our children to feel sad. She told YouTube viewers, “We were terrified that’s where we were headed if we’d kept going.

Because of this, Courtney and Eric ultimately made the decision to skip the fourth season of the show. Having said that, Courtney spent a significant portion of the video fighting back tears as she expressed gratitude to their supporters for supporting them and following their journey.

The Waldrops have experienced many changes since then, but it is evident that the family is now stronger than ever. On Instagram in November 2022, Courtney shared a sweet collection of pictures of herself and her children along with the caption:

We’ve had a difficult week with illness and the flu, but I must pause for a moment to remind everyone that in two weeks, my children will be FIVE YEARS OLD! How on earth can something be both exciting and depressing at the same time? They will always and forever be my babies!

She also shared a sweet video of the family setting up their holiday decorations, showing that raising a large family is not only rewarding but also difficult at times.



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