When Henry Cavill’s nephew was accused of lying by his teachers for saying “Superman” was his uncle, Henry decided to visit the school…

If we only say the superhero “Superman,” we can’t help but think of attractive Henry Cavill, right? The tale of Henry and his nephew Thomas recently gained popularity among Twitter users.

This is due to the fact that 7-year-old Thomas was charged with lying when he claimed that his uncle was Superman.

It all began when Thomas wore a Superman shirt to class one day while the other children were being invited to share family histories.

Thomas constantly answered with assurance, “Because my uncle is Superman.” Eventually, Thomas was summoned to the office and told not to “live in delusion.”

The instructor asserts that Superman doesn’t exist.

The teacher had requested that Thomas’ mother speak with her son about the situation when it was time to go home.

The teacher responded, “Now your boy lied to everyone and claimed that his uncle is Superman.” The mother of Thomas answered, “That’s the truth.

Thomas’ mother then requested Henry to visit his school and “rescue” her son because the faculty and staff there continued to have doubts about him. The mother found it challenging to communicate with him at the time.

If so, perhaps now everyone will believe!

Thomas’ mother claims that she asked Henry to fetch Thomas up from school in order to prevent her son from being punished and further falsely accused of lying.

Watch him telling about it below:

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