Nell Burton didn’t have a name until she was seven months old…

The only child and youngest child of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, who served as the model for her mother’s portrayal in “Alice in Wonderland,” is Nell Burton.

For many years, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham have kept their personal lives and the details of their children’s lives private.

The two well-known people frequently keep their personal and professional lives apart and hardly ever appear in public with their children, let alone discuss them in interviews.

But months after she was born and amid rumors that she was named Indiana Rose, the couple finally shared the name of their youngest child.
Burton and Bonham struggled to choose a name for their kid, who was born on December 15, 2007, in London. But seven months later, the “Harry Potter” actress gave the Jewish Journal an interview where she revealed the name of her daughter.

After “all the Helens in the family,” the couple gave their youngest child the name Nell. Elena was the mother of Bonham, while Helene was the name of her grandmother. A couple’s close friend said: “Indiana Rose was never going to be her name.”

The name was first used in the Middle Ages, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that it really took off. Particularly was Nell taken from Helen.

Carter and Burton also discussed their four-year-old son Billy, who was given the names William and Raymond in honor of the filmmaker and actress, respectively.

Despite leading a quiet life, Burton is happy to be a father to two children. On October 23, 2021, the American director brought his kids to the Rome Film Festival in a rare sighting. The director, Billy, and Nell, who were all 63 years old at the time, went to the “Close Encounters” tribute to their father’s movies.

The group smiled for the camera while dressed in matching dark attire and brought their gorgeous puppy, Levi, on the red carpet. The designer of “Dumbo” wore a black suit with a button-down underneath that had a black and blue pattern, and so did his son.

Burton and Carter were wed for a number of years before divorcing in 2014. Carter and he collaborated on multiple films together, including “Planet of the Apes,” “Sweeney Todd,” “Corpse Bride,” and others, making their partnership the most well-known of all his relationships.

Burton dated Lisa Marie before Carter and wed German artist Lena Gieseke. Several films, including “Ed Wood,” “Mars Attack!” and “Sleepy Hollow,” were produced by Burton and Lisa Marie. Prior to their breakup in 1999, Carter dated fellow actor Kenneth Branagh for five years.

When Nell was younger, she was not yet permitted to view her father’s movies. However, her parents decided that as she grew older, she may watch “Alice in Wonderland.” Nell’s mother said that the dictatorial Red Queen in the fictional movie was modeled on her little daughter.

Nell served as the model for the obnoxious and vindictive monarch, even if she does not really fit the description.

Because of her large head, I immediately assumed that she was a child, according to Bonham Carter. “She is a dictator; children are dictators. The phrase “no sympathy for any other living being” actually describes our toddler. There is only commanding, not empathy. She simply dictates to us; this is dictatorship. No, thank you; please refrain.”

She learned to think about others as a toddler from Nell, which was another talent she inherited. Toddlers typically just consider themselves and ask questions about themselves.

Billy Burton, like Nell, participated in his parents’ movies and made early television appearances. He made cameo appearances in “Sweeney Todd” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Family,” both of which starred his godfather, Johnny Depp, and his mother.

Carter claimed that there was always room for Billy to appear in one of Burton’s movies. But they forbade him from speaking. If Billy and Nell will appear more frequently on film in the future, perhaps due to their occupations, only time will tell.