Boy Lives in Orphanage and Dreams of a Family, One Day Receives a Box of Chocolates with a Note

Ryan lived in an orphanage since his childhood but finally achieved his dream of having a family after a shop owner took him in. However, there was a twist in the tale.

Ryan’s biggest dream was to have a family that loved and wanted him. The seven-year-old had been living in an orphanage since he was two. His parents abandoned him, and neighbors took him to the local orphanage which he had since called home.

However, the orphanage was far from home for Ryan. He did not feel the warmth, care, and love that is ever-present in a family and longed for it.

Ryan always kept to himself inside the orphanage. He never said a word and was distinguished from other children by his quietness. Staff at the orphanage referred to him as the child who never talks while the other orphans hardly spoke to him. Hence, he was alone most of the time.

“I don’t quite understand that boy,” a staff told another. “He never talks and always keeps to himself.”

“I understand he is mute,” the other staff replied. “But, he should at least play with his mates.”

One day, Ryan and other orphans went to a candy store where they met Charles, the shop’s owner, who welcomed them heartily and showed them around.

Ryan was interested in the chocolate-making process and got busy cooking chocolate candies while at the candy store. But, unknown to him, Charles was watching him closely and took note of his actions.

“I see you have a connection with making candy,” Charles told Ryan, who just smiled.

The following day was Saturday, and it happened to be a special day at the orphanage because some prospective parents would come and adopt some children.

Ryan woke up when he usually did, had his bath, dressed up, and ate breakfast. After all these, he walked into the orphanage yard and watched parents coming to meet the other orphans.

Ryan was resigned to the fact that no one would ever come for him | Source: Pexels

“I know no one will come for me. Nobody wants a mute boy anyway,” Ryan thought to himself.

While watching the parents with some of the other orphans, Ryan cried. He was still sobbing when he received a box of chocolates.

Ryan was surprised by this gift and wondered who could have thought of giving him one. There was a note inside the box. It was from Charles, the candy shop owner.

The note read, “Hi Ryan, I watched you closely at the candy shop yesterday and was immediately drawn to you. If you don’t mind, I will like you to become a member of my family.”

Ryan smiled after reading the note. He looked around him to see if anyone was watching and saw Charles standing not too far from him. They embraced each other, after which Charles took Ryan home.

Over the next few years, Charles raised Ryan as his son. He taught him how to make pastries and everything he needed to know about candies. However, Ryan remained mute and communicated with Charles through signs and written words on paper. Yet, it did not take away the love Charles had for him.

Over the next few years, Charles raised Ryan as his son | Source: Pexels

Besides making pastries, they went on walks together and discussed their life stories. Charles also told Ryan the story of his life.

He revealed how he was once married and dreamed of having kids with his wife. However, she died following a gas explosion in their home, and he never remarried afterward. “I just could not be with anyone else but her,” Charles explained.

Charles explained how Ryan reminded him of the son he and his late wife dreamed of having, which was why he made efforts to have him. Ryan cried after hearing this story and hugged Charles.

“I will always love you. Thanks for coming into my life,” Charles said.

The bond between Charles and Ryan grew so strong. Ryan learned so much about making pastries that he became the youngest pastry chef ever at 15.

However, just when they thought things were looking good, a twist happened. Ryan’s biological mother, who abandoned him and never showed up in his life all this while, found him

Ryan learned so much about making pastries that he became the youngest pastry chef ever at 15 | Source: Pexels

She said she wanted her son back and told Ryan she did not abandon him intentionally. She explained that she had a disagreement with his dad and left him and that it was his dad who abandoned their son.

Ryan did not know what to make of the recent happenings. He wrote on a piece of paper that he wanted to remain with Charles, but his mother was not having it.

She sued Charles, challenging his right to her son. The court case went on for many weeks and generated interest in the community.

During the court proceedings, Charles expressed his love for Ryan and how much he wanted to be with him until his death because he saw him as the child he never had.

Meanwhile, Ryan’s mother said she had missed her son for all the years she was without him and had been looking for him for some time now.

Some of her statements were not adding up, but she insisted that she was the only one who could take care of her son because of how he was. She also questioned Charles for adopting a mute child.

Ryan's biological mother sued Charles to court, challenging his right to her son | Source: Pexels

“You’ve adopted a mute boy!” she said. “That’s guaranteed problems.”

“I’ll tell you what’s guaranteed, my son’s love,” Charles replied.

The arguments and counter-arguments continued until it was time for the judge’s decision. The judge said he would deliver a judgment based on Ryan’s wishes.

Hence, he made preparations for a paper to be given to the teenager to write who he wanted to go with. While those preparations were being made, Ryan motioned to speak and was granted an audience.

“Dad,” he said, pointing to Charles.

Afterward, he ran to Charles and hugged him tightly. Everyone present inside the courtroom cried as the moment was very emotional.

Afterward, the judge delivered his judgment, ruling that Ryan should stay with Charles. Father and son lived happily after, enjoying beautiful moments and exploring new adventures together.