Online Critics Call Kelly Clarkson Fat — She Declared She Likes to Eat & Shows Curvy Figure

Internet users attack Kelly Clarkson’s weight

Clarkson responded with kindness and preached self-love

The talk show host was honest about why she learned to ignore negative comments early in her life

Kelly Clarkson is an award-winning singer, a talk show host of her own show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” a former judge of “The Voice,” and a mother of two. Yet, most conversations about the entertainer revolve around her weight.

Clarkson has never been ashamed of her body; she is one celebrity that preaches body positivity and shares how she has canceled out those negative voices to confidently embraces self-love.

The talk show host has also been honest about what has helped her lose weight and was realistic with her fans about the difficulty of this journey.

In 2019, Clarkson opened up about how she had lost 37 pounds. After the singer was proudly flaunting her body, speculations of how Clarkson lost weight started to take a wrong turn, and the singer took to Twitter to clarify.

Firstly, the talk show wrote that fake news of her weight loss had been circulating and claimed that she had been taking pills to shed weight.

But Clarkson clarified that was not true and also set the record straight that she did not lose weight by working out; as a matter of fact, Clarkson said she hated exercise.

As people got more curious and asked her for tips, Clarkson explained that she read the book The Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundry, MD.

The “Because of you” singer explained that the book helped her understand the science behind cutting out certain foods. She also clarified that she still eats whatever she wants; it’s just made of healthier ingredients.

Clarkson also opened up about how difficult pregnancy was with both her children. The singer said she was often hospitalized and felt like her body was not meant to be pregnant.

However, now that her babies are born, Clarkson would not trade motherhood for anything, but she emphasized that she is not carrying another baby again.

Clarskosn’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, and the father of her two children, River Rose, and Remington Alexander, have gone through a rough public divorce.

But after fighting that battle and finally putting it to rest, Clarkson is reportedly ready to get back into dating. The singer has multiple jobs that have her spread thin, so she ditched dating apps and gave her friends the liberty to play matchmaker.

Internet Trolls Attack Kelly Clarkson for Her Weight

A bunch of negative comments surfaced on Twitter, with several people tweeting about Clarkson’s weight. Users were concerned about how much weight the singer had gained in the last year.

Some users pointed out that Clarkson had not lost weight after all these years, but people came to the singer’s defense and called them out for being unkind and disrespectful. Other people chose to compliment the singer for her beauty, kindness, and her talent for singing and hosting.

But Clarkson is not afraid to face these hate comments; the actress once responded to a Twitter user that said, “You are fat,” and she reminded them that she was still super amazing.

Kelly Clarkson Gets Candid about Weight Comments

Besides responding to these mean comments with kindness, Clarkson has also been candid about the work it took to be secure with who she was and not get affected by people’s projections.

Clarkson said she grew up with people constantly commenting on her body. Even when she was young and athletic, she was told her body was not “aesthetically pleasing.”

So the talk show host learned to embrace her body early on in her life and decided, “Whatever, I am not going to please anyone.” Clarkson also said she was lucky to have reached that conclusion before becoming famous.

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Clarkson touched on the negative comments about her body and said she was shocked that people think the bullying is new to her life.

Clarkson explained that she was the bigger girl on “The Voice” and when she was a contestant on “Idols,” but nothing has prevented her from loving herself.

No matter how much confidence one builds, some words cut deeper than others, and Clarkson admitted that she also gets affected by negative comments.

Clarkson gave an example of when she was at a meet and greet, excited to connect with fans, and the first thing they decided to say was an offensive remark about her appearance.

It also hurts more when she is criticized by people close to her, said Clarkson, but she knows she is comfortable in her skin and tries to convey the same positivity on her talk show. Clarkson’s theory is that “We are who we are,” so if she is at her fittest or not, the singer is in love with every phase of herself.

The talk show is also not shy to speak about her love for food. Clarkson spoke about the ongoing online trend of ‘Muckbangs” where people film themselves eating.

The singer joked that “Muckbung” was her favorite thing to do before they were popular but Clarkson was shocked to find that “Muckband” videos can make up to $100.000 a year.