Keith Urban Never Sang The Anthem Before Now. When He Begins To Sing, Crowd Goes Silent.

Keith Urban Never Sang The Anthem Before Now. When He Begins To Sing, Crowd Goes Silent.

I’m always under this impression that famous singers have sung every rendition to all the popular songs and there’s nothing more for them to recreate. For example, I know Keith Urban has paid his fair share of tributes to stars before him by singing songs that they’ve made famous.

One of his most popular tributes being that to Barry Gibbs and his group, when he performed “To Love Somebody.” Despite taking on numerous songs sung by others, and performing them with his own twist, Keith had one very special song left to sing. Can you take a guess as to which one that could be?

Can you believe that the amazingly talented country artist, Keith Urban, has yet to sing the national anthem at a big sporting event? Until now, that is. In the video below you will see the great singer in action as he wow’s the crowd with his beautifully sung rendition of the US national anthem.

Keith was given the opportunity to represent the US at a Predators vs. Ducks game in Nashville. He stepped onto the ice gracefully and stood before the microphone, wearing a Pred’s jersey and a huge smile on his face. He then persists to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” with his powerful voice. As he continues, he closes his eyes to really feel the music and to let the crowd know that he is thoroughly enjoying the experience and is thankful for the amazing opportunity.

Then, he closes off with one last note and bows. What happens next? The entire crowd jumps to their feet and gives him a wholehearted round of applause. It goes without saying that his performance was one that definitely wouldn’t be forgotten in a long time and that it is with great pleasure that we’re able to see this fantastic performance.

In fact, many took to social media to comment on his stunning performance. One such comment read, “Well done by Keith. Awesome to see some of the popular singers from Nashville contribute to hockey,” another read, “Most sexiest Star Spangled banner sang ever!!”

But don’t just take our word for it, give the stunning video a watch below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, if you have a sports-loving family member or friend, or know someone that adores Keith Urban, be sure to share the video with them, and give them something to enjoy today!

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