Rock Legend Ted Nugent Performs EPIC National Anthem For Trucker Convoy

No one expects Ted Nugent to ever have a kind word for a Democrat, especially President , but the rock legend went scorched earth against the incumbent while speaking to participants at the trucker convoy in support of Texas’s immigration battle.
Video of Nugent, obtained by Freedom News, shows the “Cat Scratch Fever” guitarist solemnly taking his hat off as he apologizes to Texans overwhelmed by the record-breaking number of migrants crossing the southern border as the result of the White House’s policies.
“My heart is broke right now,” Nugent started, “and I’d like to start by speaking to all the veterans out there, all the law enforcement officers, and the citizens who took an oath to the sacred Constitution… I’d like to apologize to ‘We the People’ for allowing this piece of s*** to get into the White House.” The crowd roared its approval, no surprise given that so many had traveled as part of the “Take Our Border Back” convoy to show support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s effor..NOTE: This is borrowed