VIDEO: The baby girl was able to hear her sister’s voice for the first time after she was equipped with a hearing aid… The expression on the child’s face is wonderful! ByElen

A mother from Georgia shared on social media platforms a very touching video of her little daughter reacting emotionally when she heard her sister’s voice for the first time.

According to the mom, her daughter was born too soon. A week later, she was given the disappointing diagnosis of necrotizing enterocolitis, which is an infection that affects both the intestines and the stomach. Antibiotics were necessary for the treatment of the youngster, which ultimately resulted in the infant’s loss of her hearing.

At such a little age, it’s difficult to estimate how much a girl can pick up on what she hears. After that, the parents decided to buy a hearing aid to see whether it altered how she interpreted her environment. The conclusion came as a complete surprise to everyone. The mother uploaded a video on the internet featuring her child’s first impressions of the device that she had purchased.

The elder sister reaches out to her, addressing her as “Baby sister, Baby sister.”

The newborn initially becomes attentive, then seems to be paying careful attention to what she is saying, and then begins to laugh. Do you have any idea how happy and wonderful everyone else there is feeling right now? It is indescribable!

“I am able to laugh when I am crying. That is right; as Carol said in a subsequent comment, it was the first time that she heard things clearly. This filled me with such joy! She is now much more active and makes an effort to communicate more often. It is sufficient to say that the thing had a profound influence on her life.

Watch the video below…

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